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4/4/2015Goose Island Goose IPA
4/4/2015Red Hare Whabbit Wheat
4/4/2015JailHouse 4D IPA v. 16 "New Kid"
10/24/2014Finch’s Hardcore Chimera
10/24/2014Three Heads Blimey IPA
10/24/2014Sweetwater Woodford IPA
10/19/2014Three Heads Tre Kind Triple IPA
10/19/2014Straight To Ale Lily Flagg Milk Stout
10/19/2014Lonerider Red Spur
10/19/2014Abita Select Triple Haze
10/19/2014Lonerider Eve Amber Ale
10/19/2014Orpheus Wandering Blues
9/14/2014New Holland Imperial Hatter
9/14/2014Sweetwater Bobblehead Bob