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12/17/2014New England Locust Reign
10/29/2014Willimantic Fire Engine Red
10/29/2014Willimantic Dastardly Dark
10/29/2014Willimantic Hopportunity Knocks
10/29/2014Willimantic Anonymous IPA
10/25/2014Willimantic Simply Saison
10/25/2014Black Hog Granola Brown
10/25/2014Hartford Better Beer Co. Praying Mantis Porter
10/25/2014Back East Misty Mountain IPA
10/25/2014Willimantic Dyvyl Hopyard IPA
9/29/2014Willimantic Certified Gold
9/29/2014Willimantic Nitro Independence Day Dark
9/29/2014Willimantic Ghost Train Pale Ale
9/29/2014Willimantic Local Table Beer
9/29/2014Willimantic Six Shooter Oyster Oatmeal Stout
9/29/2014Willimantic Autobahn Mail Alt
9/29/2014Willimantic Jewel in the Sky IPA
9/29/2014Willimantic Overseas Mail Oktoberfest
9/12/2014Willimantic Sirius Rysing
9/12/2014Willimantic Blanche de Willi
8/28/2014Jackís Abby Hopstitution XPL #4 Aussie Rules
8/11/2014Willimantic Express Mail IPA
8/11/2014Willimantic Independence Day Dark
8/11/2014Willimantic S.A.S.E. Summer Ale cask with Oranges
8/11/2014Willimantic Pushing The Envelope IPA
7/6/2014Dogfish Head Victory Stone Saison du BUFF
7/6/2014Willimantic Simon Saaz-on
7/6/2014Willimantic Love Letter
7/6/2014Willimantic Evil EY-PA
7/6/2014Willimantic Summer Splash
7/6/2014Willimantic M.M. Blonde Ale
7/2/2014Willimantic Downtown Willi IDA
7/2/2014Jackís Abby Hoponius Union
6/21/2014Berkshire Coffeehouse Porter
6/21/2014Willimantic Millinium IPA
6/21/2014Captain Lawrence India Pale Ale
6/7/2014New England Galaxy Pale Ale
6/7/2014Willimantic GíDay IPA
6/7/2014Willimantic European Special Bitter
6/3/2014Cottrell Mystic Bridge IPA
6/3/2014Broad Brook Porterís Porter
6/3/2014Willimantic Sterling Nugget IPA
6/3/2014Willimantic Brewerís Vengeance IPA
6/3/2014Willimantic Louís Legacy Ale
5/18/2014Willimantic Flying Cigar Ale
5/18/2014Willimantic India Pilsner Ale
5/15/2014New England Sea Hag IPA
5/15/2014Willimantic Wort Up!
4/22/2014Willimantic Anniversary Amber
4/17/2014Allagash Yakuza
4/17/2014Willimantic Winterís End
4/17/2014Willimantic RoadenZok
4/17/2014Willimantic Just Roaden
4/17/2014Willimantic VEG IPA
4/17/2014Two Roads Rye 95
3/13/2014Willimantic Saison Noir
2/13/2014Willimantic Scarlet Letter Red
2/10/2014Willimantic Just Stout
2/10/2014Willimantic Snow Wheat Ale
2/10/2014Willimantic Rail Mail Rye
1/31/2014Willimantic Eclipse In the Night
1/31/2014Willimantic Winterfest
1/31/2014Dogfish Head World Wide Stout 2001/2003-Present (18%)
1/26/2014Back East Porter
1/26/2014Willimantic Poor Richardís Olde Ale
1/26/2014Willimantic E-Mail IPA
1/25/2014Sierra Nevada Porter
12/23/2013Otter Creek Kind Ryed IPA
12/23/2013Long Trail Limbo IPA
12/23/2013Back East Winterfest Ale
12/23/2013Two Roads Route of All Evil
12/23/2013Willimantic Return to Sender
12/23/2013Willimantic Simply Citra Pale
12/5/2013Smuttynose Short Batch #21 Straw-Barb Short Weisse
12/4/2013Willimantic 3/4 Nelson IPA