Privacy Policy

We want you to know that it is a priority at to keep all personal information in the strictest confidence.  We dislike SPAM (unsolicited email) as much as anyone else and so we don't create SPAM, we don't help other people generate SPAM, and we won't share your information in any way that might possibly result in your receiving SPAM.

  1. Your private information will only be used for transactions, such as login, RateBeer communication and newsletters sent to you.
  2. We will never expose your email address on the site -- Internet 'spiders' have been known to use posted email addresses to create mailing lists.
  3. RateBeer has not and never will give, sell or lend names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or any other personal information to a third party, unless we are requested to by both you and a third party (such as if you've won a RateBeer/brewer sponsored contest).
  4. It's also RateBeer's policy to avoid and bar advertisers that may attempt to use your personal information for the purposes of unsolicited email. If you have determined you are receiving unsolicited email from one of our advertisers, please report this to us immediately.
  5. Some of our user data that we've collected may be shared with partners but your name, complete address, phone number or email will never be shared with other parties.

So with that settled, let's get back down to business... Drinking beer!