S. Riepšienė Reviews

Naminė Žarėnų Gira 2.9
400ml bottle (Bambalyne, Vilnius)
Woh - smells a bit like a slightly sherryish trifle with some chocolate added. So fruits and lacticity playing a big part, I guess. It’s there in the taste too - it basically tastes of trifle. There’s a really good roast, almost burnt and hinting at smokiness, which explains the chocolate in thearoma, even if it’s not there for the taste. Kinda returns for the finish. Looks a bit ugly, it’s a muddy puddle, and the head’s very brief. Palate is a bit watery and fizzy, and the finish is a bit brief. However, it’s trifle semblance is wonderfully enigmatic, and quite delicious!

Monday, May 28, 2012