Marshall Wharf Brewing Company Reviews

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.5

Cask (gravity) @ GBBF 2015, Great British Beer Festival, London Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, England W14 8UX.

[ As Marshall Wharf Little Toot ].
Clear medium yellow color with a average, frothy, good lacing, mostly lasting, off-white to white head. Aroma is moderate malty, pale malt, moderate to heavy hoppy, citrus, flowers, peach. Flavor is moderate to light light heavy sweet and bitter with a average to long duration, citrus, fruity, peach - passion fruit. Body is medium, texture is oily to watery, carbonation is soft. [20150812]

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.2
Cask gravity @ GBBF 2015. Pours a hazy golden color with a small longlasting white head. Has a fruity citrus hoppy aroma. Fruity malty hoppy citrus flavor. Has a fruity malty weak hoppy citrus finish.
Monday, December 14, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 3.9
Can shared at Darkness day. Thick black pour. Aroma is mostly malts. Taste is much sweeter with some dark fruits and soy sauce. Really nice finish, delicious.
Thursday, December 03, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 3.7
Canned i liked this and foundnit in the character of an English stout. Low carbonation, soy sauce, chocolate. Some sweetness. I liked the palate.
Friday, October 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 2.9
Can. Deep brown with a small head. Chocolate and coffee. Taste has some unfortunate soy character. Pretty oily and earthy. Unami. Full body, soft carb.
Friday, October 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 3.7
Big black pour with a slight head. Big malty nose. Nice taste, booze totally hidden.
Friday, October 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 3.5
Can shared by Tom! Pours black with a dark brown head that dissipates to the edges. Aroma has dark grains and roasted malts with a decent amount of dark fruits underlying. Flavor has sweet dark grains and dark fruits with a touch of earthy roasted malts.
Friday, October 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 3.6
Can shared by Tom - thanks! Super dark oily pour. Sweet vanilla and molasses. Light carbonation. Good.
Friday, October 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Old No. 59 - Sherry Butt Aged 3.1
Draught, MW 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Deep magenta-tinged mahogany with medium clarity and a fully fading beige head.
Woof, this is just loads of sherry bursting with both alcohol and tremendous amounts of fruitiness. Dry vanilla, moderate oxidation and some sourdough-like character from malt and wood.
In the flavor its fruity and woody, which isnít my favorite combination, though some sweet caramel-laced vanilla-like sugars do help brace the palate for impact. Ranging from oily-to-creamy (though tending oily) with plenty of barrel influence adding some lightly astringent woodiness, hints of fruity, lighthearted vinegar and more oxidation in the form of light soy and peanut brittle. Ok, I did it, I tried one of these things. There were four other barrel-aged beers Iíd never tried or rated (sherry and bourbon Cant Dog, bourbon Old 62 and bourbon Chaos) but I just couldnít continue to take the punishment. If I can do one to two new ones a year, thatíll be an accomplishment (though surprisingly, the Old No. 60 barrel variants were very tame and low (relatively speaking) on the barrel character).

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Wharf T2 - R9 Barleywine 3.5
Draught at MWís 8th anniverary, 10/17/15.
Wonderfully bright appearance shows an amber liquid topped by a light beige head with moderate to strong retention.
Big caramel and toffee notes collide with vanilla, leafy, lightly citric hops and lots of fruity yeast esters (cherry and apple primarily, mixing with the malt and alcohol to produce candied-like notes). As far as non-barrel aged barleywines go, this nails it, with clean, round, succulent malt character, apparent but not overdone hoppiness and alcohol that is contained but also used to create interesting aromatics.
In the flavor itís richly malty, with plentiful sweet caramel and toffee, big citrus hop notes (with a moderate amount of resulting bitterness) and candied fruit notes. Hints of alcohol add spiciness and vanilla character while ample carbonation makes it about as drinkable as youíre going to get for a barleywine of its size (still undrinkable....IMHO). Clean, in great condition and really well done.
That I couldnít drink more than about three sips is irrelevant as I just canít drink barleywines anymore. While the alcohol does bother me, to a degree, itís really just the monotonous caramel/toffee/rich honey malt that I canít deal with. Absolutely no finesse, charm or complexity to these things. And thatís just an inherent flaw with the style, I think. Even something like Bells Batch 6000, which I think I have at a 4.7, I can still remember vividly. And it wasnít any different than this, fresh. Hoppy as all hell (it had more hop complexity, but also more resin as well) and just no malt depth/complexity. So take my rating with a grain of salt. I guess if you just love booze, bitterness and rich medium malts, than this is about as good as itís going to get, barleywine-wise. Tried to be fair and give it an objective score as opposed to about a 2.0, which is the subjective score Iíd give it.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sexy Chaos 3.4
Draught at MWís 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Little-to-no dark beige head atop the dark ebony body. Low clarity.
Vanilla, plentiful sugars and a bit of an oak-infused chocolate character. Was hoping the oak and perhaps the vanilla would help brighten the rather dull, chocolate-heavy nose that is the regular Chaos Chaos. To some extent, the vanilla adds levity, but where I wanted some nice dry, rich, woody oak notes, I get only a bit of dry wood and alcohol.
The flavor seems sweeter, I assume this is the lower carbonation from the aging, and perhaps the oak and vanilla intensifying the flavors? Whatever the case, I thought the vanilla was a bit too prominent (though not obnoxious by any stretch) and could actually use some more oak dryness (though itís there lightly on the finish). Canít think of too many stouts where I thought vanilla really improved it; just donít think vanilla is a great addition and itís almost always used too liberally, which is probably my main gripe with it. Nonetheless, still drinkable, enjoyable and all, but like the regular version, needs more oomph to the texture. A touch too thin. And texture is a HUGE thing for me when it comes to stouts.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Wharf Scottís Scoville Chili Ale-ien 3.1
Draught at MWís 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Clear, very light golden body has a small white head that quickly fades to a ring.
Incredibly fresh habaneros in the nose provide the bulk of the aroma, with a touch of light honey, dry cracker-like grains and just a pinch of yeast-derived fruitiness. Very light, though you can tell the habaneros are there for sure.
And so it goes in the flavor, which is bursting with tons of fresh pepper spiciness. Fleshy, light, bright and enjoyable, it nonetheless comes off as a bit of a one-trick pony. Which is fine. Ilegal Ale-ien is a pretty straightforward drinkin beer with a fairly low flavor profile. Thus, this comes off as a light, habanero-infused golden ale. Very short finish, without a ton of actual heat. Very light bodied, little malt structure, no sweetness to be found. Would be great mid-July.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Wharf Imperial Danny McGovernís Oatmeal Stout 4.2
Draught at MWís 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Favorite of the day here, by a good margin (even if the rating dosent suggest it). A deep ebony body with some mahogany edges and a beige head that is well-retained.
Caramel, toffee, raisins, prunes and mild hop notes (spicy, floral, vague citrus) are all very nicely balanced in the nose. No alcohol or flaw.
Very substantial body to it and a chewy texture, no doubt thanks in part to the oats. Pretty much everything that Chaos Chaos lacks...a rich English-like toffee character almost redolent of a barleywine, yet with enough roast and coffee notes to give it a stout feel. Light prune and tobacco notes build complexity and the alcohol never emerges. Vanilla, salty toffee and caramel all linger on the finish. Malty and yet appropriately dry and drinkable, with ample carbonation and no flaws. Wonderful stuff!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Wharf Chaos Chaos Russian Imperial Stout 3.7
Draught at MWís 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Deep, inky, dark ebony body is opaque and has a fairly light colored beige head atop with moderate to moderately-low retention.
Chocolate, licorice and vanilla dominate the nose, which is less given to roastiness than a majority of imperial stouts Iíve had. Not sure if thatís a good or bad thing, but it dosent make for quite as big an aroma, nor is there much vinousness/plum/prune-like notes in the nose that I associate with a good dose of roasted barley. Clean, however, as their beers always are and with some alcohol sharpness, but not a boozey mess by any means.
Malty and yet rather drinkable for its size, which is surprising. I do see what people are saying regarding it being not quite as thick and chewy as it could be. Yet for all its lighter bodied character (for the style, of course), it is still decidedly bitter (chocolate malt) and does have a bit of an alcoholic edge to it (seems inevitable at this size). Vanilla, mild coffee and light hop bitterness are all notable. Texture is slick and malty with ample carbonation. I love the drinkability here, even though thatís not something I or many people really look for in an Imperial. But itís nice to be able to drink more than 2 ounces of an Imperial stout without your palate being wrecked. Donít see that a lot anymore these days. Still, a little more chewiness/suppleness to the body would be appreciated, as well as a touch more complexity.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Marshall Wharf 3-Way 2.7
Draught at MWís 8th Anniversary, 10/17/15.
Chaos dominating the appearance though some lighter mahogany notes do cluster the edges, with a beige-to-tan head that is small and rapidly dissipating. Clarity indeterminable, but assumedly opaque.
Citrus and lightly pine-like hops in the nose are somewhat overshadowed by chocolate notes and light roast. Some soy, oxidation and bits of vanilla dot the nose as well, but itís not a massive aroma by any means. The massive amounts of various malts whirl about and combine to give complexity but I could do with a bit more of something lighter/brighter to break up that. I guess the hops sort of do that, but the citrus and pine isnít really the first thing Iíd pick. No flaws, and the alcohol isnít overt in the nose.
Lots of chocolate malt, kind of like the doppelbock I just had, with caramel, toffee and very easygoing roastiness mixed in all to varying degrees. Bitterness from the hops is felt, but only slightly, being quite controlled by all of this maltiness. Some crystal malt-like hardness of texture and iced tea-like notes with either some early oxidation (seems odd) or maybe just thatís some of cominbation of malt flavors. Sweet, rather warming and just too much for me. Thereís little finesse or even potential brightness from fruitiness/vinousness or barrel woodiness, which would actually be welcome here, I think. For a beer that must be around 12%abv, itís well-controlled in that department.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Attenuator Doppelbock 3.6
Draught at MWís 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Deep, dark purple tinged mahogany body does not seem to show much clarity. Dark beige head atop fades slowly to cover.
Deep, bitter bakerís chocolate notes in the nose with light anise, vanilla, berries and leafy hop resins. No alcohol or flaw.
Big chocolate malt notes outshine even the light melanoidins and berry-like fruity notes. Fresh hop notes are lightly dank, leafy, with a pinch of citrus and are interspersed nicely breaking up the malts which are certainly rich, though not syrupy or too sweet. As everyone has said, itís certainly not a by-the-book rendition, but the dark fruitiness/melanoidins certainly keep it not too far off track. Like a blend of a hoppy porter and a German doppelbock and quite enjoyable, if perhaps a bit too chocolatey, overall. Ample carbonation and malty texture with no flaws or alcohol noted (which is also impressive given its strength).

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Rauchmore 4
On draught at MWís 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
Wasnít sure what to expect with this one and it was certainly unique. A dark amber-auburn body shows a chill haze and a large beige head with strong retention.
Not all that smokey in the nose, leaning more towards strong melanoidins, toffee and caramel notes. Tons of boisterous fruitiness (raspberries, strawberries, apples). No alcohol or flaw.
In the flavor is very strong sourdough-like maltiness, tons of the melanoidins creating a nearly vinous, raspberry and rich, dry toffee-like flavor. Strong carbonation and a malty texture but with great attenuation. Smokiness is extremely dry, woody and more phenolic with no big bacon/meat-flavors. Like a lightly smoked doppelbock, with LOTS of sourdough and oily, rich fruitiness. Very well done and interesting.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Ayuh 3.8
Draught at MW 8th anniversary, 10/17/15.
High clarity and good carbonation in this copper-tinged-golden beer with a firm white head atop.
Base malts add light honey and white dough in the background, creating a balance to the fresh, leafy, lightly fruity hop notes. No pine and only moderate amounts of grapefruit and orange rind. No alcohol or flaws.
Again with the fresh, even slightly spicy hops in the flavor, adding moderate bitterness with ample balancing maltiness, light white bread notes, fresh yeast and light bits of lemon merengue and herbal hop notes on the finish. Ample carbonation and no alcohol or flaws. I could do with perhaps a touch less body but otherwise itís delicious.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Mashing Pumpkin 3.7
Draught at the brewery, 10/1015.
Clear, chestnut-to-light-mahogany with some deep amber tints. Beige head atop is small but neatly retained.
Crystal and caramel malts in the nose are light and allow very light pumpkin-vegetal notes. Vanilla, light fruitiness and fresh yeast. No flaws or alcohol.
Lightly sweet, well-attenuated medium malts and some base malt sugars make up the flavor. Moderate fruitiness from the yeast, with minimal pumpkin flavors. You probably wouldnít miss it, but you could. Low bitterness, with just a touch of herbal/spicy hops and no flaws or alcohol. Nice to see an unspiced pumpkin beer. Not a lot of them in existence.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Marshall Wharf Men@Work Pale Ale 3.7
Draught at the brewery, 10/10/15.
Clear pale golden with a touch of waxy yellow hue. White head is medium-sized, frothy and moderately well-retained.
More relaxed hop notes in the nose than Toughcats or even Tug pale, with lots of floral, some minor citrus and a good bit of fruitiness. Plenty of honey notes from the malt, with house yeast, clean and no alcohol.
Tight carbonation, richly malted, but well-attenuated, as is the norm with MWís beers. Bitterness is moderate, with no resin. Lots of leafy-herbal notes, very minor lemon-like citrus and plentiful honey. Fruity and easy drinking; very balanced. Clean and no alcohol in the flavor. Very standard, classic APA.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Marshall Wharf 40 (and onwards) Cream Ale 3.4
On tap at Novare Res as 46 Cream Ale. It pours clear clear golden with a small white head. The nose is soft, creamy, cream soda, sherbet and bread. The taste is crisp, sweet, bitter, creamy, toasty, straw, grass, cream soda and lemon peel with a dry finish. Medium body and moderate carbonation. Hides alcohol well. Decent cream ale.
Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.4
Cask at GBBF 2015 as íMarshall Wharf Little Tootí. Light yellow, still, pretty clear, nice big foamy white head, full lacing. Aroma is flowers, coriander, apple. Body is medium, soft carbonation, smooth. Taste is light biscuit, shortbread, tea, pithy citrus with a dry finish. Decent.
Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.3
Cask@GBBF 2015, Olympia, London - golden orange coloured pour with white head. Citrus fruity hoppy and malty aroma and taste, mandarin, lemon, peachy, caramel, some grassy and floral nuances, bitter finish.
Monday, August 31, 2015

Marshall Wharf Wrecking Ball Baltic Porter 3.9
Draught at 3 Tides, 8/29/15.
Dark brown body has some magenta highlights when held to the light, showing good clarity and a dark beige head atop with moderate retention.
Anise, very dry roast, vanilla and bakers cocoa in the nose are all held together by just enough caramel, but it remains dry and challenging, for sure. Perhaps a pinch of alcohol? No flaws.
Richly malted, yet dry and drinkable, with a carbonation imparting a creamy texture in concert with the malts. Chocolate ranges from bitter to milk as it warms, with malt adding sweetness and dry, ashen and prune-like notes providing a too-style character. What it dosent kill you with is hops or alcohol and as mentioned, itís not syrupy-sweet. Rich, for sure, but delicious and quite drinkable. Served in a pint glass, I was able to drink the whole thing quite normally without any fatigue of palate. No soy/oxidation or any other problems. Low hop apparency.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Marshall Wharf Tug Pale Ale 3.6
Draught at the brewery, 8/28/15.
Pale golden with some light rust tints and a large white head that slowly fades to cover. High clarity.
Floral and spicy hops signify more than just your typical PNW hop melange, though there certainly is a fair amount of citrus here, as well as some light juicy fruit notes. Good maltiness showing honey, baked bread and just a speck of caramel. Clean, quite aromatic, with no flaw or alcohol.
Stronger bitterness than expected, with light pine, an interesting woody character and a softer finish of juicy fruits and plentiful honey and light caramel. Good carbonation, supple malt body but well-attenuated. Very flavorful for the style and yet also quite light. Almost like a precursor to the session IPA. But for a bit too much grassy, overly bitter notes, itís quite flawless.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Mayhem 3.6
Pour is dark brown with tons and tons of creamy tan head. Nose is lightly smoked and ashy, dry chocolate, hint of roast. Flavor is more heavily roasted malt, more chocolaty, dry finish, bitter coffee. Soft light body, creamy and nicely carbonated.
Sunday, August 30, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.2
Cask at GBBF, Olympia, London, 2015. Gold pour with a white head. Sweet spice, toffee, sultana and bitter citrus aroma and taste. Good.
Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.3
Cask at GBBF 2015, Olympia, London. A light golden coloured pour with a medium white head on top. Hoppy, fruity, floral aroma. Tastes hoppy, fruity, floral, grassy with a slightly bitter finish.
Monday, August 24, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.6
At Great British Beer Festival 2015, Day 2. Clear golden beer with a decent offwhite head. Fruity hop aroma, grassy, hay, grapes, some caramel. Hoppy citrus flavor, grassy, peach, herbal, pine, some oranges.
Saturday, August 22, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.5
12th August 2015
GBBF Day 2. Cask. Hazy gold beer, tidy white head. Palate is light and semi dry, decent fine carbonation. Nice condition. Light pale malts. Mild floralness. Modest citrus and citrus peel. Light dry finish. Mild citric peel bitter linger. All round mild but decent.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.8
Cask at GBBF 2015... Golden amber.. Soft floral.. Juicy fruits.. Juicy orange.. Big floral fruit.. Juicy fruits.. Nice
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.1
Cask gravity at GBBF 2015. Clear gold amber lasting white head. thanks to Scopey. Peachy aroma and flavour. Some bitterness mostly peach and apricot though. Touch of rhubarb. Odd.
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.4
Cask at GBBF. It pours clear golden with a thick white head. Very nice looking. The nose is soft, doughy, toasty grainy, stone fruits and light cereal. The taste is crisp, bitter, doughy, pine needles, bitter orange, grapefruit, grassy, varnish and peppery with a dry finish. Light - medium body and fine, lively carbonation. Good condition and high drinkability. Nice.
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Toot 3.1
From cask. Pours cloudy yellow with a small white head. Aroma is light greasy hoppy. Bitter, light fruity. Toasted, citrusy and smooth fruity. Bitter and light fruity finish.
Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Marshall Wharf Cant Dog Imperial Pale Ale 3.4
Ah Cant Dog...Iíve held off trying this one for the 7 years Iíve been going to 3Tides/MW but for whatever reason, on 8/1/15, at the brewery, it was time. Dark copper-golden body is topped by a well-retained white head. High clarity. Certainly looks the part.
Some light candied cherry-like alcohol/esters a la Big Twitch, but a robust, pine-laced citrus. Some resin, inevitably, but itís not bad especially given the high abv. I guess all that malt certainly helps cut things and while sweet is not obnoxiously so.
Very supple texture from all the malt, made even creamier by the tight carbonation. Pine and citrus do not wow with innovation or anything, but are pretty passable and the beer is pretty shockingly drinkable for its size. If youíre going this high in abv, though, I feel like youíve got to have ALOT more going on, otherwise why drink a 10%abv beer when you can get this kind of hop flavor from a 5 or 6% beer (even here at the brewpub, Ace Hole provides almost as much hop flavor at half the liver damage). Clean, though quite estery. Bit of pine sap and chewy malt lingering...

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Marshall Wharf / Novare Res 7 yr Itch Crab IPA 3.6
On tap at Novare Res, Portland, Maine. A more or less clear, golden beer with a white head of moderate size. The arom has notes of pale malts in the back, with citrus zest, grapefruit and a piney touch. It has a nice bitterness in the mouth, itís medium to full-bodied and with a nice carbonation level. Rather dry, with citrusy hops dominating the flavor, and lasting for a good while. Easy drinkable and quite tasteful. 150609
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Marshall Wharf Toughcats IPA 3.4
Draught at Marshall Wharf, 8/1/15.
Clear golden body has a good amount of moderately well-retained, white head atop.
Spicy, almost sprucey hops in the nose also reveal some very light tropical fruits (dry mango) and a good amount of juicy fullness. Sweet malts balance, or nearly overbalance and thereís a touch of alcohol to the nose.
Sweet, but with plentiful, balancing bitterness in the flavor. Woody-like hops, with a smattering of pine, oranges and some more lighthearted juicy fruits towards the end. Good, if a bit aggressive. Clean, ample carbonation with a full body and malty texture.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sloppy Seconds 3.6
Draught at the outdoor bar, 3 Tides, Summer 2010.
Deep golden with some darker brassy tints about and a medium-high clarity. White head atop is small and shows moderate to low retention.
Dried yellow fruits in the nose combine with light vanilla and honey from the malts to balance out quite nicely in to not really a saison so much as just a golden, Belgian ale. Lots of peppery phenols are welcome, as well as lightly spicy hop notes and a touch of grassiness. No alcohol, nor flaws.
Straightforward Belgian blonde ale with light but evident hopping, a strong carbonation and slick, almost creamy texture; maltiness helping see to that. Thankfully free from banana/clove messiness, and while thereís light clove-like spice on the end, itís just one small piece of the pie. A bit of sharpness on the finish, especially with some warming, but the fruitiness lingers on nicely as well, keeping things interesting. Had a couple of these that day and always hope for more Belgian golden types of beers from them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Marshall Wharf Sea Belt Scotch Ale 3.7
Draught at Marshall Wharf tap room, Summer 2014
Inky ebony with some lighter mahogany tints on the edges and a beige head that shows moderate retention. Good clarity, not transparent completley, but not overly hazy.
Berries, prunes, melanoidins and some salty toffee-like sweetness in the nose. Light notes of vanilla, touches of alcohol dryness and more phenols on the end. Thereís an underlying smoky/char-like character that MacFindlay has; very subtle and is of course here too. Quite stiff and robust aroma, if somewhat heavy on the char/prune/alcohol dryness/astringency. Donít get the kelp in the nose.
Flavor is immediately dry, with very dry melanoidins, some light astringent notes from either the yeast phenols, alcohol or both. Vanilla-extract, saltiness and finally some light caramel sweetness coming on the very end. With more warming, the heavy dryness/astringency lessens somewhat, with more maltiness emerging. The grassy element, present in many of their beers is here, however and keeps the sweetness from ever really gaining much traction. Soft, salty-smokey notes abound, as well as interesting alcohol/phenolic notes on the end too. Not sure if the kelp is apparent or what it tastes like, but perhaps itís responsible for the light saltiness. Very much like MacFindlay, with a bit more complexity and yet a bit more astringency.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Marshall Wharf Chaos Chaos - Rum Barrel Aged 3.9
Draught at 3 Tides, 7/18/15
Pitch black, ebony body is of undetermined clarity, with a tan head atop that is small and shows moderate retention.
My mom took a sip of this and I thought she was going to die, so I was prepared for a bitter, roasty, boozy ride. However, upon first sniff, I get only a minor note of rum/booze, mixed with rich caramel and raisin, growing towards a sweet (but not sugary) chocolate-cream finish. Very luxurious, finely extracted base malts and surprisingly not a roast monster. It tickles the nose and even with extended breathing/warming, dosent become too obnoxious with the alcohols. Could, perhaps, find a touch more complexity to the nose; as is, itís mostly a rum raisin meets milk chocolate blend. I could see a bit more wood, prune and vanilla notes helping, though I suppose that would make for a different beer. No flaws in the nose.
The flavor outshines the aroma, which I always prefer, if one is going to be better than the other (I guess thatís pretty obvious). Where I was bracing myself for dry, roasty, bitter notes, alcohol and heavy dark chocolate/rum flavors, I find a soft, velvety, milk chocolate and buttercream flavored stout, with very little sign of alcohol, rum-based or otherwise. Very light coffee suggestions, a touch of vanilla and very light wood dryness are found through the middle, helping to balance. Yet for all the rich, malty goodness here, the beer isnít terribly sweet. Really one of the best breweries around at extraction and attenuation (though I know stuff like Cant Dog and T2-R9 are on the sweeter side), itís just amazing to have the silky, chocolate-laden malt notes glide down the throat and not end in a pile of sugar and syrup. Above average complexity and very reserved on the barrel character (both wood and rum), which is nice. Slight touches of alcohol grace the palate and seem pretty reasonable for 11.2. Awesome beer, could have easily had another, which is very rare for an Imperial Stout.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Marshall Wharf Weisse Grip Heffeweizen 3.7
Draught at 3 Tides, since debut, most recently on 7/18/15
Cloudy copper body has a very staunchly-retained, white head atop it.
Pretty wheaty aroma is dry, clean, watery (minerals) and finally yields clove and light banana. Malts are well-attenuated, adding only light white toast/crackers and just the slightest touch of honey/caramel. No alcohol or flaws.
Not tons of banana, but itís definitely always in the background, while clove and spicy white pepper lead through the middle in to a bubble gum and light pale malt sugar finish. Medium carbonation for the style and a slick, watery, very drinkable texture. Not much to argue with here. Perhaps itís not screaming with flavor, but itís dry, balanced and yet well-malted enough. I suppose the aroma could stand to be a bit more lively/bright.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Ace Hole 3.5
Draught over the years, most recently at 3 Tides, 7/18/15
Darker copper-amber body is topped by an off-white head that shows low retention, fading to cover quickly. Clarity is high, with a very slight chill-haze.
Light orange, meyer lemon and bits of papaya and other juicy tropical fruits are faint, but pleasant, while caramel and/or crystal malts set in, adding light sweetness and stickiness. Clean yeast and no alcohol or flaws, with a good deal of bitterness but no resin. With warming, more caramel comes forth, with just a touch of buttercream and spicier, grapefruit-tinged hops.
Sweet up front, not horribly so, but with a light cherry note that is the house character of a lot of their ales. Ruby red grapefruit, melons and honey-caramel drizzled atop all are thrown about a lightly chewy body with pinches of light alcohol and a bitter, heavily grassy finish replete with more fruits (cherry, apple, orange, grapefruit). Itís fairly sweet, maybe a bit too much sharp grassiness, but otherwise the hop flavors are delicious and the chewy texture makes it much more of an IPA than pale ale. With the 6.5% abv, Iím not sure why they call it an APA, but it certainly dosent matter.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Old No. 60 - Sherry Butt Aged 3.7
Draught at 3 Tides, 7/17/15
Small snifter is a deep mahogany/ebony blend with a small tan head that sits at cover. Intdeterminable clarity, though Iíd assume itís pretty bright, as most all their beers are.
Big buttery sherry nose is pretty enjoyable. Sweet and creamy with a deep, liquorous heat at the very end. Light black pepper, toffee, some ash and lingering vanilla-butter cream. I wouldnít really call it boozy, as the alcohol seems quite controlled and works with the malts to balance, in the absence of hops. No wood tannin/astringency and no flaws.
Flavor is oily, buttery, lightly tart and with a strong iodine-like smokiness through the middle, must be the peated malt. Ashy and yet supple malts dry out the finish, in coordination with the alcohol. Itís certainly stiff and lightly boozy, with the sherry loosening up the body quite a bit. Still, canít deny the old ale behind it is deliciously well-brewed. Not really my type of beer, but for moderationís sake, Iíd rather sip on one of these as a nightcap than a Oloroso.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Marshall Wharf Illegal Ale-ien 2.8

Cask (gravity) @ GBBF 2014, Great British Beer Festival, London Olympia, Hammersmith Road, London, England W14 8UX.

[ As Marshall Wharf Illegal Ale-ien ].
Clear medium golden color with a small off-white head. Aroma is moderate malty, wheat, caramel, fudge, sweet toffee, moderate yeasty, flowers - nectar. Flavor is moderate to heavy sweet and light bitter with a long duration, nectar - flower, toffee - fudge. Body is medium, texture is oily to watery, carbonation is flat. [20140815]

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Marshall Wharf 40 (and onwards) Cream Ale 3
Pours amber with white head. Smell is malt and bread. Taste is malty with notes of bread, sweet cream and faint amount of hops. Light body, medium carb.
Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Marshall Wharf Pinchy 3.5
Draught at 3 Tides, I believe since around 2012-2013 and onwards.
Pinchy pours a crystal malt-like amber-cherry, high clarity and with a yellow-beige head that is medium-sized and recedes slowly to cover.
Cereal grains, earthy/spicy E. European and/or English hop notes and a bit of sourdough all collide in the nose to impart a much fuller aroma than the abv would imply. May be a bit on the toasty/sour side, with less comforting sweet maltiness than usual for 3 Tides. No alcohol and perhaps a touch of diacetyl at times.
Moderate fruity esters (cherries, apples) attempt to brighten a very toasty sourdough-like malt character that dries the palate out considerably especially with help from the grassy, lightly spicy hops. A pinch of caramel and toffee could actually help improve the drinkability; as is, it drinks surprisingly slow and challengingly for a beer of its size. Some wateriness and lighter carbonation help it go down, ultimately and if you want something flavorful and interesting, but without the alcohol, this is certainly your beer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Phil Brown Ale 4
Draught at 3 Tides, since debut.
Think Iíve only had this once or twice. MW just has soooo many dark, mid-gravity, lightly smokey dark ales to choose from, even one as interesting as this gets lost in the shuffle. Like all of their dark ales, it pours with a moderately high to high clarity and the beige head recedes slowly to a ring.
Chocolate and hazelnut in the nose are dried out by light leafy, almost floral hoppiness and touches of roast and smoke phenol. No alcohol or flaws in the nose and much lighter than the Deep Purple.
The flavor of milk chocolate, caramel and dry, wood smoke all combine to produce the trademark rich and flavorful, yet well-attenuated maltiness this brewery does so well. Very little of the "grassiness" or "astringent roast" character that some of their scotch ales have. Medium bodied with a soft, mildly watery texture. Nuttiness and smoke linger, with traces of prune and espresso. As others have said, not your average brown ale, indeed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marshall Wharf Big Twitch 3.8
Draught at the brewery, 6/20/15
Reddish-amber, clear with a medium sized off-white head that slowly recedes to cover.
Interesting nose, I will give it that. Not your usual tropical/juicy fruit hop salad, yet nor is it a citrus/pine concoction. Rather, youíve got leafy green spruce notes, with a touch of wintergreen, dry pine and plentiful cherry-like sweetness. I guess this is some ester and itís quite interesting and unique. Reminds me very, very much of something like Gales Christmas ale or Harveys Christmas ale (canít remember off-hand without going back and looking at my reviews). Sugars are light, though, mostly just pale malts and no weird bubble gum or cotton candy, nor is there any alcohol.
The flavor is even more akin to these traditional English christmas ales (and non-christmas ones too, the christmas ones are usually stronger, so it reminds me of those particularly). Sweet, yet nowhere cloying, with green, lush hops, a touch of candied orange and dry pine all balancing each other well. Ample carbonation helps relieve the high gravity nature and the malt is still well-attenuated yet sumptuous. Delicious cherry ester character lingers on, and increases with warming.
Not rating this as an American Double IPA, but more of an American/English Strong Ale hybrid.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Marshall Wharf Little Mayhem 3.9
Draught over the years, most recently at the brewery, 6/20/15
Even in the breweryís 7oz glass (which is the largest they offer), this thing still manages a large, off-white/beige head that is really well retained for a non-nitro stout. The body is a fairly clear, drab mahogany with very minor amber/ruby highlights.
Light sourdough, milk chocolate nose is quite unique. Not your typical coffee/cigar/dark chocolate roastiness. Of course, this is a small beer, so itís bound to be a little more tame/mild, yet Iím surprised they get as much softness/suppleness out of the malt character. Seems like they must add back in some new pale malts to it, or maybe my expectations are always so due to Anchor Small beer being my introduction to the style, so many years ago (wow, what a terrible beer that is). Soft roast, like a blonde roast coffee, touches of vanilla and even light cinnamon, with a pinch of leafy, green, floral hops. No alcohol or diacetyl.
Flavor is similarly mild, with light milk chocolate notes and spicy hop notes balancing. I see the complaints of it not being roasty enough, but it certainly dosent bother me. As not much of a dark beer enthusiast, itís nice to see a bit easier drinking stout; the damned things are always so bitter, roasty and difficult to drink. But of course, thatís a matter of preference and this one strikes me almost perfectly. Medium maltiness, moderately bitter hops and a touch of water/mineral character. Moderate carbonation, maybe a bit above average for a stout, makes it come across lighter than it may actually be.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Marshall Wharf / Novare Res 7 yr Itch Crab IPA 3.7
Draught @ Novare Res Bier Cafť, Portland, ME
Pours clear golden with a white head. Aroma has notes of malt, citrus, grape, floral and orange. Taste is medium sweet and medium bitter with a long orange and citrus finish. Body is medium, texture is oily, carbonation is soft,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015