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Extreme number of ratings

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9/2/2015 12:19:45 PM

[quote]Originally posted by Travlr Iíve tried to drink EVERY day, but itís actually very difficult, and Iím often not in the mood. [/quote] Amateur

J Wakefield Miami Madness

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8/30/2015 5:54:17 PM

[quote]Originally posted by heykevin I had pretty low expections for this, but I thought it was surprisingly tame. [/quote] I enjoy the fact that JoeTís facial recognition algorithm does not...

Cycle Pallet 1

Beer Talk
8/29/2015 8:48:41 PM

[quote]Originally posted by djd07 [quote]Originally posted by bytemesis FWIW, I cracked Up a Kriek tonight and layed out my opinion here: