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Twin Cities Area Brewpubs and Taprooms 2015 Continued

11/27/2015 4:53:52 PM

The Hoops Brewing stuff is the best news that Iíve heard in a long, long time. I expect awesome things.

What ya drinkiní part XII

Beer Talk
11/25/2015 10:30:17 PM

[quote]Originally posted by tennisjoel Summit Old Blaggard Barleywine [/quote] Really happy to have this in 4 packs around town. Great offering from Summit.

Bochet Mead

11/24/2015 10:23:43 PM

[quote]Originally posted by Bacterial [quote]Originally posted by arminjewell My only advice is to give me some when you are done. Carry on. [/quote] Deal! Iíve got a Raspber...

Bryn Mawr Brewing is no longer Bryn Mawr, they hired a brewer and here is some other info.

11/24/2015 11:40:48 AM

Hiring an experienced brewer is a great move. I think it speaks well to their commitment to brewing good beer. Pretty excited about this one.

phaleslu hits 8000!

Site News
11/23/2015 7:55:50 PM

[quote]Originally posted by VsXsV [quote]Originally posted by RABinCO Gross [/quote] [/quote]

Cypress wood for homebrew

11/22/2015 11:43:42 AM

Honestly, your best bet may be to contact a local wood shop, or look on etsy or something for cypress pen blanks. Yes, pen blanks.