Events, Benjii

Upcoming EventsLocationDate

Past Events AttendedLocationDate
5th Annual Orval Appreciation Day(s)Anytown, Equatorial Guinea 4/4/2013
Elixir Conviction IPA LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 11/28/2012
Elixir Brew Co Beer launchEdinburgh, Scotland 10/25/2012
Elixir Brew Co. Benedictine Groove LaunchEDINBURGH, Scotland 10/9/2012
Craigs Looking SourEdinburgh, Scotland 8/21/2012
Scottish Real Ale FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 6/28/2012
Homebrew tasteoffEdinburgh, Scotland 6/20/2012
Mass Online Tasting- SN PALE ALEAnytown, Wales 6/19/2012
At Bens RequestEdinburgh, Scotland 6/15/2012
Redwillow takeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 6/12/2012
Craig Needs A BeerEdinburgh, Scotland 6/8/2012
Buxton Brewery takeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 6/6/2012
Caley Sample rooms Cider and ICE cider tastingEdinburgh, Scotland 5/31/2012
Battle of the Brewers 3Edinburgh, Scotland 5/30/2012
21ste Weekend der Spontane GistingBuggenhout-Opstal, Belgium 5/26/2012
Vintage Brewdog TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 5/16/2012
Mass Online Tasting- Fullers London PorterAnytown, Wales 5/15/2012
The Beers we have yet to knowEdinburgh, Scotland 5/11/2012
Paisley Beer FestivalPaisley, Scotland 4/25/2012
Weistephaner Hefe Weisse Mass Online TastingAnytown, Wales 4/17/2012
Meet The MagicRock BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 2/22/2012
Duvel Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 2/21/2012
Fyneales cobblers stout Edinburgh, Scotland 2/8/2012
Battle of the Brewers - Challenge 2Edinburgh, Scotland 2/2/2012
Edinburgh Watches Craig Star in Beer TickersEdinburgh, Scotland 1/27/2012
The Bow Bar Winter Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 1/25/2012
Orval Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 1/24/2012
National Winter Ales FestivalManchester, England 1/18/2012
Craigs Luck TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 1/13/2012
Fullers 1845 Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 12/13/2011
Edinburgh Drinks TexasEdinburgh, Scotland 12/3/2011
Edinburgh Meets TexasEdinburgh, Scotland 11/25/2011
Stagg’s Beer FestivalMusselburgh, Scotland 11/13/2011
Black Isle @ CloistersEdinburgh, Scotland 11/9/2011
Discover Black Isle Secrets TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/29/2011
Tempest NightEdinburgh, Scotland 10/26/2011
BeerCast 7.5% and above Tax Protest TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/15/2011
Need some Cupboard Space tastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/1/2011
Borefts Beer Festival 2011Bodegraven, Netherlands 9/23/2011
JocktoberfestMunlochy, Scotland 9/9/2011
Craigs ’Twitters in Town’ TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 8/19/2011
Edinburgh BrewoffEdinburgh, Scotland 7/27/2011
Bow Bar Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 7/21/2011
Dan brings a friendEdinburgh, Scotland 7/18/2011
Brewdog IPA night Edinburgh, Scotland 7/13/2011