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10 Barrel S1nistÝr Black Ale (Sinistor / S1nist0r)Schwarzbier4.110/30/2010
10 Barrel Apocalypse IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)410/30/2010
Big Sky IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.210/30/2010
Stone Ruination IPAImperial IPA510/30/2010
Beer Valley Leafer Madness Imperial Pale Ale Hop Harvest EditionImperial IPA410/30/2010
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India Pale Ale (IPA)
Imperial IPA
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Longhammer IPA is my beer that broke my crappy beer habit. I love IPAís, Imperial 2x IPAís, Abbeys, Belgian Ales, old school Heffs, Browns, Black, some Porters, occasional Kolschs, rare lagers... I moved to Portland from Phoenix, AZ (Four Peaks Brewery) in summer 2010..It is now fall 2010 and I am moving to Big Sky, MT. I have lived in Keystone, CO (Breckenridge Brewery and Pug Ryanís Brewery) and Flagstaff, AZ (Beaver Street, Flag and Oak Creek Breweries). Enjoy a beer or some choice wine and break out of the norm