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Past Events AttendedLocationDate
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2015London , England 8/11/2015
26th Ealing Beer Festival 2015London, England 7/8/2015
Weird Beard Brewery Open DayHanwell, England 7/5/2015
Pigs Ear Beer & Cider Festival 2014London, England 12/2/2014
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2014London, England 8/12/2014
18th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 8/7/2014
25th Ealing beer festivalLondon, England 7/2/2014
17th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 4/17/2014
Brugs Bier FestivalBrugge, Belgium 2/1/2014
Pig’s Ear Beer & Cider Festival 2013London, England 12/3/2013
The White Horse Old Ale FestivalLondon, England 11/22/2013
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2013London, England 8/13/2013
ZBF (Zythos Bier Festival) 2013 Leuven, Belgium 4/27/2013
14th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 3/28/2013
London Drinker Beer & Cider FestivalLondon, England 3/6/2013
Brugs Bier FestivalBrugge, Belgium 2/2/2013
Pigs Ear beer festival 2012London, England 12/4/2012
13th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 11/15/2012
The Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/7/2012
Borefts Beer Festival 2011Bodegraven, Netherlands 9/23/2011
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/2/2011
White Horse Old Ale FestivalLondon, England 11/26/2010
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF)London, England 8/3/2010
American Beer FestivalLondon, England 7/2/2010
Zythos Bier Festival 2010Sint-Niklaas, Belgium 3/6/2010