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Malt Liquor vs. White Cider

Beer Talk
10/9/2015 1:06:40 AM

I think I had a Schlitz malt liquor once but I donít know if Iíve ever had a white cider. I canít imagine voting for the one Iíve had before though, so cider it is.

The First Beer You Legally Purchased?

Beer Talk
10/9/2015 1:03:08 AM

Not too memorable, but Iím going to say Molson Canadian Ice.

"Using crystal clear water, the finest hops, and Canadian grown malted barley, the Molson Brewmasters slowly ferment each b...

New guy from the Oregon territory

New Here
10/7/2015 5:49:35 PM

Welcome...youíre in a great place to start the journey.

Golden Troll check.....

Beer Talk
10/7/2015 1:51:46 PM

Well 21 is better than 0, I guess.