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21st Amendment Special Edition Allies Win The WarEnglish Strong Ale4.411/18/2012
Hopworks Abominable Winter AleAmerican Strong Ale 4.911/4/2012
Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Double IPAImperial IPA4.69/6/2012
21st Amendment Monks BloodBelgian Strong Ale3.18/17/2012
Fearless Mjolnir Imperial IPAImperial IPA4.97/26/2012
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.67/23/2012
BridgePort Summer Squeeze Bright AleGolden Ale/Blond Ale37/23/2012
Ninkasi Radiant Summer AleAmerican Pale Ale4.26/24/2012
21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.66/23/2012
Fort George Sunrise Oatmeal Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale3.36/23/2012
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American Pale Ale
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I just got back from living abroad in Ecuador for two months where the only beers were Pilsener (equivalent of Budlight) and Club (Heineken). I have never appreciated craft beer more in my life. If itís not advertised at the Superbowl or drunken out of pick-up bed coolers, itís probably a beer for me. My preference are stouts, the hoppier the better. Iím all over IPAs as well, especially Ruination by Stone. Iím open to just about anything though, and openly admit I know little about beer, except what I like: and thatís hops.

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