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Past Events AttendedLocationDate
London Craft Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/13/2015
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2015London , England 8/11/2015
Ratebeer Scandinavian Summer Gathering 2015Göteborg, Sweden 7/9/2015
Copenhagen BeerfestivalKøbenhavn SV, Denmark 5/28/2015
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015Copenhagen, Denmark 5/1/2015
The Cad’s 10-Year ShindigLondon, England 3/29/2015
Malmö Öl & Whisky FestivalMalmö, Sweden 3/13/2015
All In Beer Fest - 2014Göteborg, Sweden 11/14/2014
Stockholm Beer and Whisky FestivalStockholm, Sweden 9/25/2014
London Craft Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/14/2014
RBESG 2014 - London London, England 8/7/2014
RateBeer Summer GatheringSt. Louis, Missouri 6/19/2014
Walt Powell Memorial Dayeverywhere on this planet, n/a6/5/2014
Copenhagen BeerfestivalCopenhagen, Denmark 5/22/2014
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014Copenhagen, Denmark 5/2/2014
Grand opening of TaphouseCopenhagen, Denmark 4/30/2014
Craft 100Clapham, London, England 4/3/2014
Malmö Öl & Whisky FestivalMalmö, Sweden 3/28/2014
Mikkeller & Friends 1 Year PartyCopenhagen N, Denmark 3/15/2014
Annual GABF Falling Rock Beer Tasting with Dr. BillDenver, Colorado 10/12/2013
Great American Beer FestivalDenver, Colorado 10/10/2013
GABF Week Tappings @ Falling RockDenver, Colorado 10/9/2013
GABF Tappings @ FreshcraftDenver, Colorado 10/8/2013
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2013London, England 8/13/2013
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/10/2013
15th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 8/8/2013
Papsoe 25.000Copenhagen, Denmark 5/21/2013
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2013København Ø, Denmark 5/3/2013
Malmö Öl & Whisky FestivalMalmö, Sweden 4/19/2013
Mikkeller & Friends - We are Opening A New Bar In CopenhagenCopenhagen N, Denmark 3/16/2013
SF Beer Week Opening CelebrationSan Francisco, California 2/8/2013
San Francisco Beer WeekSan Francisco, California 2/8/2013
13th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 11/15/2012
The 7th Annual Woodshop TastingLong Beach, California 7/22/2012
RBSG 2012 LALos Angeles, California 7/19/2012
Copenhagen Beer CelebrationKbh. Ø, Denmark 5/11/2012
Ølfestival København 2012Copenhagen, Denmark 5/10/2012
Sour&BitterCopenhagen, Denmark 5/10/2012
Stora öl - små bryggerierMalmö, Sweden 4/20/2012
chriso’s Gales/Fullers tastingLondon, England 2/11/2012
Beermakers Dinner BrewDogHelsingborg, Sweden 10/5/2011
Stockholm Beer and Whisky FestivalStockholm, Sweden 9/29/2011
RBESG 2011London, England 8/5/2011
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/2/2011
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 7/30/2011
The 3rd Stortford Beer FestivalBishops Stortford , England 7/28/2011
Ølfestival 2011Copenhagen, Denmark 5/26/2011
Hickory Hops Brew FestivalHickory, North Carolina 4/16/2011
Papsø 20.000Viktoriagade 8, Denmark 4/7/2011
Stockholm Beer FestivalStockholm, Sweden 9/30/2010
Beermakers dinner#5 Närke Kulturbryggeri.Helsingborg, Sweden 9/11/2010
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF)London, England 8/3/2010
FONEFAN in Masters Division CelebrationLondon, England 8/2/2010
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 7/31/2010
Ølfestival København 2010Copenhagen V, Denmark 5/6/2010
Beermakers dinner#4 Alvinne.Helsingborg, Sweden 1/30/2010
Festival of Wood and BArrel Aged Beer - First SessionChicago, Illinois 11/7/2009
Great British Beer FestivalLondon , England 8/4/2009
Beermakers dinner 3 - MikkellerHelsingborg, Sweden 5/22/2009
Ølfestival ValbyKøbenhavn SV , Denmark 5/15/2009
Toer de GeuzePajottenland, Belgium 4/26/2009
Vilvordia BierProefFestivalJette (Brussels), Belgium 4/25/2009
National Winter Ales FestivalManchester, England 1/21/2009
Great British Beer Festival (GLondon, England 8/5/2008
chris_o’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/2/2008
Washington Brewers FestivalKenmore, Washington 6/13/2008
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/7/2007
Københavnske ØldageCopenhagen, Denmark 5/11/2007