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Cloudy Beer

8/3/2015 6:25:41 AM

Most of the things that cause haze, like protein, cause a mild haziness, not the turbidity youíre looking for, which comes from yeast. If you stick a hefeweizen in the fridge for a few weeks then pour...

Favorite hop for single hop beers?

Beer Talk
8/1/2015 1:30:05 PM

Single-hopped citra beers are some of the few ones where I donít think íthis would have been a bit better with am extra hop or two in ití.

First try @ brewing Gueuze. Few questions

7/29/2015 1:07:01 PM

It depends a bit on the vessel, but ideally you want to see it form as late as possible. I have a strong (over 11%) dark sour thatís now about 3 months old and doesnít have a pellicle yet.

First try @ brewing Gueuze. Few questions

7/29/2015 3:36:35 AM

What was the gravity when you added the sour blend? Youíll need a decent amount of sugar left for the brettanomyces and pediococcus to work on. If there isnít enough acidity after 3 months, Iíd add a ...

Yeast Starter Temps

7/28/2015 6:09:43 AM

I do all my starters for everything at room temperature, which in my flat is 21C. I have a thermostat, so it wonít go below this, but will go above it in the summer, if itís warm. The only exception i...