Dollar Bay, Michigan
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Avg Score Given: 2.4 · Avg Beer Rated: 1.83 · Favorite style: Pale Lager

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Rhinelander OriginalPale Lager2.14/28/2005
Old MilwaukeePale Lager1.94/24/2005
Rolling Rock Extra PalePale Lager0.54/14/2005
Heilemans Old StylePale Lager2.14/14/2005
IcehousePale Lager2.94/14/2005
BudweiserPale Lager0.54/14/2005
Coors OriginalPale Lager1.54/14/2005
FalstaffPale Lager1.94/14/2005
StrohsPale Lager2.64/14/2005
Carling Black Label Pale Lager2.14/14/2005
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As a general rule, I buy cheap beer. However, I donít necessarily think the cheaper the better. I believe good cheap brands exist and Hammís is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.