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Tozai Snow Maiden Junmai Nigori SakeSaké - Nigori1.82/16/2013
Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Junmai SakeSaké - Junmai3.92/16/2013
Yaegaki Black Bottle Junmai Kuro-Bin SakeSaké - Junmai3.62/16/2013
Tozai Living Jewel Junmai SakeSaké - Junmai1.92/16/2013
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Saké - Junmai
Saké - Nigori
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Complexity and novelty are great things, but they’re not worth anything if the result isn’t tasty. Also, beer should taste like beer, not soda. I’m not advocating German purity laws, but beer is beer, not alcoholic soda. Go drink Mike’s hard lemonade if you want fruity alcoholic soda. Fruit can be a great thing in beer, but it needs to take a back seat to the malt, yeast, and hop...
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