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Parallel 49 Snap, Crackle, Hop Imperial Rice IPAImperial IPA4.77/13/2014
Phillips Raspberry WheatFruit Beer2.810/16/2013
Gigantic IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.210/15/2013
Hacker-Pschorr (Hefe) WeisseGerman Hefeweizen4.210/15/2013
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German Hefeweizen
India Pale Ale (IPA)
Fruit Beer
Imperial IPA
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I honestly didnít think I liked beer, sure I would drink it every now and then but never REALLY enjoyed a beer unless it was ICE cold and hot out. This is because I was drinking run of the mill Budweiser, Kokanee, or Coronaís for the most part. Since I started working at a liquor store, Iíve been trying a new Craft beer or two per night, and I have truly come to love the diversity I have found.