Portland, Oregon
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New Glarus Hop Hearty AleIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.312/8/2005
Siletz Paddle Me IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.212/8/2005
Stone Ruination IPAImperial IPA512/8/2005
Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.312/8/2005
Amnesia Desolation IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)3.612/8/2005
Alaskan IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)312/8/2005
Victory HopDevilIndia Pale Ale (IPA)3.412/8/2005
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India Pale Ale (IPA)
Imperial IPA
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The hoppier the bettter. That about sums it up.