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Bells Two Hearted AleIndia Pale Ale (IPA)4.27/15/2014
Colorado Vixnu Imperial IPAImperial IPA2.67/13/2014
Clown Shoes Galactica IPAImperial IPA47/10/2014
Stone Go To IPASession IPA3.57/6/2014
Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPAIndia Pale Ale (IPA)3.67/1/2014
Surly Abrasive AleImperial IPA46/29/2014
Moylans Hop Craic XXXXIPAImperial IPA4.66/26/2014
Peace Tree Royale 41Imperial IPA4.56/21/2014
Stone RuinTen IPAImperial IPA4.46/19/2014
Founders Devil Dancer Triple IPAImperial IPA4.26/15/2014
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India Pale Ale (IPA)
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