Events, cgarvieuk

Upcoming EventsLocationDate
Thornbridge Meet the BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 12/1/2015
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2016København, Denmark 5/13/2016
FyneFestCairndow, Scotland 6/10/2016
Scottish Real Ale FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 7/7/2016

Past Events AttendedLocationDate
Tempest Meet the BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 11/26/2015
Alpha Project Barrel Aged ProjectEdinburgh, Scotland 11/21/2015
Hanging Bat Birthday Tap TakeoverEdinburgh, n/a11/20/2015
Loch Ness RelaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 11/19/2015
Hanging Bat BirthdayEdinburgh, Scotland 11/17/2015
Valve Brewing LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 11/4/2015
Carbon Smith tap takeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 10/28/2015
Back To the FutureEdinburgh, Scotland 10/21/2015
IMBCManchester, England 10/9/2015
First Annual Scottish Christmas TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/3/2015
Borefts Beer Festival 2015Bodegraven, Netherlands 9/25/2015
Rainbow Project at the Magic TapsHudersfield, England 9/19/2015
A Fyne eveningEdinburgh, Scotland 9/17/2015
Mad Hatter Tap TakeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 9/12/2015
Lest Ben ForgetEdinburgh, Scotland 9/10/2015
Partizan Meet the BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 8/25/2015
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2015London , England 8/11/2015
Stewart Brewing Summer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 8/1/2015
Alpha State Meet the BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 8/1/2015
Garvie TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 7/12/2015
Harbour tap take overEdinburgh , Scotland 7/7/2015
Nomada NMBC colab launch , Scotland 6/25/2015
The Kernel MTBEdinburgh, Scotland 6/23/2015
FyneFest , Scotland 6/12/2015
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2015Copenhagen, Denmark 5/1/2015
Redchurch Tap takeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 4/29/2015
Unhuman Canonball LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 4/16/2015
Cloisters 20th Birthday weekEdinburgh, Scotland 4/13/2015
Craft 100Clapham, London, England 4/2/2015
20th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 4/2/2015
Its Thursdays turnEdinburgh, Scotland 3/26/2015
Maiden 2015 Festival Of WoodFinchampstead, England 3/7/2015
Just a regular MondayEdinburgh, Scotland 3/2/2015
Feb 20th TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 2/20/2015
Manchester Beer FestivalManchester, England 1/21/2015
Poncey Southerner TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 1/3/2015
Independent Manchester Beer ConventionChorlton-on-Medlock, England 10/9/2014
lets go digitaEdinburgh, Scotland 6/7/2014
Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014Copenhagen, Denmark 5/2/2014
Brodies bunny basher 2014 , n/a4/18/2014
17th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 4/17/2014
Lets do a chrisOEdinburgh, Scotland 3/15/2014
UK & Ireland Mass Online Good Beer TastingAnywhere, England 12/3/2013
Hanging Bats First BirthdayEdinburgh, Scotland 11/17/2013
Buxton Meet the BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 11/16/2013
Beaver Town Meet the BrewerEdinburgh , Scotland 10/29/2013
Independent Manchester Beer Convention 2013Manchester, England 10/10/2013
Going DutchEdinburgh, Scotland 10/4/2013
Rainbow IPA Night (Edinburgh)Edinburgh, Scotland 10/1/2013
Borefts Beer Festival 2013Bodegraven, Netherlands 9/27/2013
Elixir 1st BirthdayEdinburgh, Scotland 9/25/2013
Siren MTBEdinburgh , n/a9/24/2013
Pre Paisley tastingEdinburgh, Scotland 9/11/2013
Paisley Beer FestivalPaisley, Scotland 9/11/2013
Deplete the Stock pt2Edinburgh, Scotland 8/23/2013
Deplete the StockEdinburgh, Scotland 8/20/2013
Memorial to Simon Mass ONLINE tastingDerb, England 7/26/2013
Go the gunnarsEdinburgh, Scotland 7/19/2013
EIBF Open Brewday with Magic RockEdinburgh, Scotland 7/11/2013
Scottish Real Ale FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 7/11/2013
Brodies Haggish BasherEdinburgh, Scotland 7/10/2013
EIBF Wierd Beard and Beavertown ShowcaseEdinburgh, Scotland 7/9/2013
EIBF Scottish Showcase Edinburgh, Scotland 7/8/2013
Edinburgh Independant Beer Festival LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 7/8/2013
ArmageddonEdinburgh, Scotland 6/21/2013
FyneFestCairndow, Scotland 6/14/2013
Hanging Bat MTB: Toccolmatto Edinburgh, Scotland 6/12/2013
Cloister beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 6/10/2013
Oakham Tap TakeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 6/10/2013
Stockport Beer FestivalStockport, England 5/29/2013
HandDrawn Monkey ShowcaseEdinburgh, Scotland 5/29/2013
Hanging Bat MTB: Red WillowEdinburgh, Scotland 5/29/2013
deeblo Doesnt Rate :-(Edinburgh, Scotland 5/24/2013
Craig and Fin Sneak up in the middle of the NIGHT and drink all fonefans beersomewhere near Legoland, Denmark 5/18/2013
Meet the Brewer DarkStarEdinburgh, Scotland 5/15/2013
19th Reading Beer & Cider FestivalReading, England 5/2/2013
Scopey in townEdinburgh, Scotland 4/26/2013
anzac day day at the Bow Bar Edinburgh, Scotland 4/25/2013
Arbor Meet the BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 4/13/2013
5th Annual Orval Appreciation Day(s)Anytown, Equatorial Guinea 4/4/2013
Brodie’s Bunny Basher 2013London, England 3/29/2013
14th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 3/28/2013
Kernel MTBEdinburgh, Scotland 3/26/2013
Herriot Watt 28th annual Charity Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 3/21/2013
Mikkeller Yeast SeriesEdinburgh, Scotland 3/16/2013
Hawkshead Beer Festival Staveley, England 3/15/2013
March on EdinburghEdinburgh, Scotland 3/8/2013
Alechemy Beer LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 2/27/2013
Hanging Bat MTB: Wild Beer CoEdinburgh, Scotland 2/27/2013
Because February Deserves a TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 2/8/2013
MTB and beer Launch with Black IsleEdinburgh, Scotland 1/31/2013
Bye to ChrisEdinburgh, Scotland 1/23/2013
National Winter Ales Festival Manchester, England 1/23/2013
Mass Online Tasting- Rodenbach Grand CruYorkshire, Spain 1/22/2013
Hanging Bat MTB: HarbourEdinburgh, Scotland 1/22/2013
Mass Online Tasting- Fullers VintagesGotham City, Tibet 12/11/2012
Quick to the Bat CaveEdinburgh, Scotland 12/8/2012
Elixir Conviction IPA LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 11/28/2012
Hanging Bat Opening nightEdinburgh, Scotland 11/19/2012
Meet the BlackBar BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 11/13/2012
Mass Online tasting returnsratesville, Wales 11/13/2012
Jespr/Yespr/Jesper/Jester or how ever you spell it comes to townEdinburgh, Scotland 11/10/2012
Celebration of Women BrewersEdinburgh, Scotland 11/7/2012
Colin Comes SouthEdinburgh, Scotland 10/27/2012
Elixir Brew Co Beer launchEdinburgh, Scotland 10/25/2012
JD Wetherspoon Autumn Beer FestivalVarious pubs thoughout UK, England 10/24/2012
Bristol Beer Factory TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/17/2012
Call Ben a Taxi TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/16/2012
Oakham week at CloistersEdinburgh, Scotland 10/15/2012
The Race to 10K starts hereEdinburgh, Scotland 10/13/2012
Elixir Brew Co. Benedictine Groove LaunchEDINBURGH, Scotland 10/9/2012
Indy Man Beer ConManchester, England 10/5/2012
4th Borefts Beer FestivalBodegraven, Netherlands 9/28/2012
Stockbridge Tap Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 9/13/2012
Craigs Looking SourEdinburgh, Scotland 8/21/2012
Fanø Meet the BrewerLondon, England 8/19/2012
12th Egham Beer FestivalEgham, England 8/16/2012
The Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/7/2012
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/4/2012
Mass Online Tasting- Both BudvarsAnytown, Wales 7/17/2012
Edinburgh Independant Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 7/12/2012
Blairs BackEdinburgh, Scotland 7/6/2012
Scottish Real Ale FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 6/28/2012
Homebrew tasteoffEdinburgh, Scotland 6/20/2012
Mass Online Tasting- SN PALE ALEAnytown, Wales 6/19/2012
At Bens RequestEdinburgh, Scotland 6/15/2012
Redwillow takeoverEdinburgh, Scotland 6/12/2012
Craig Needs A BeerEdinburgh, Scotland 6/8/2012
Caley Sample rooms Cider and ICE cider tastingEdinburgh, Scotland 5/31/2012
Battle of the Brewers 3Edinburgh, Scotland 5/30/2012
Vintage Brewdog TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 5/16/2012
Mass Online Tasting- Fullers London PorterAnytown, Wales 5/15/2012
The Beers we have yet to knowEdinburgh, Scotland 5/11/2012
18th Reading CAMRA Beer and Cider FestivalReading, England 5/2/2012
Brewdog AGMAberdeen, n/a4/28/2012
Paisley Beer FestivalPaisley, Scotland 4/25/2012
Edinburgh Danish InvasionEdinburgh, Scotland 4/22/2012
Weistephaner Hefe Weisse Mass Online TastingAnytown, Wales 4/17/2012
Lets Get Ready for JanEdinburgh, Scotland 4/13/2012
Highland Beer LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 4/11/2012
chriso’s Easter tastingLondon, England 4/7/2012
Brodies Bunny BashLondon, England 4/6/2012
Egham beer festival Egham , England 4/5/2012
The Great RateBeer Scavenger Hunt FinaleGT’s Place (do not come), Washington DC 3/31/2012
Heriot-Watt Brewing Society Beer and Cider FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 3/22/2012
Goose Island IPA Mass online TastingAnytown, Wales 3/20/2012
Mad March TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 3/17/2012
Criags Short Notice TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 3/2/2012
Meet The MagicRock BrewerEdinburgh, Scotland 2/22/2012
Duvel Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 2/21/2012
Cromarty Brewing LaunchEdinburgh, Scotland 2/17/2012
Fyneales cobblers stout Edinburgh, Scotland 2/8/2012
Battle of the Brewers - Challenge 2Edinburgh, Scotland 2/2/2012
Edinburgh Watches Craig Star in Beer TickersEdinburgh, Scotland 1/27/2012
The Bow Bar Winter Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 1/25/2012
Orval Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 1/24/2012
10 Years of 2pacBeermail for Directions, Iowa 1/20/2012
10 years of 2PacEdinburgh, n/a1/20/2012
Craigs Luck TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 1/13/2012
Fullers 1845 Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 12/13/2011
Edinburgh Drinks TexasEdinburgh, Scotland 12/3/2011
Edinburgh Meets TexasEdinburgh, Scotland 11/25/2011
Worthington White Shield Mass tastingAnytown, Wales 11/15/2011
Black Isle @ CloistersEdinburgh, Scotland 11/9/2011
Discover Black Isle Secrets TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/29/2011
Tempest NightEdinburgh, Scotland 10/26/2011
BeerCast 7.5% and above Tax Protest TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/15/2011
Need some Cupboard Space tastingEdinburgh, Scotland 10/1/2011
Borefts Beer Festival 2011Bodegraven, Netherlands 9/23/2011
Craigs ’Twitters in Town’ TastingEdinburgh, Scotland 8/19/2011
Black Isle Beer diner with Tim from masterchefEdinburgh, Scotland 8/15/2011
RBESG 2011London, England 8/5/2011
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/2/2011
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 7/30/2011
Bow Bar Beer FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 7/21/2011
Dan brings a friendEdinburgh, Scotland 7/18/2011
Brewdog IPA night Edinburgh, Scotland 7/13/2011
CAMRA Scottish Real Ale FestivalEdinburgh, Scotland 6/16/2011
Ølfestival 2011Copenhagen, Denmark 5/26/2011
National Winter Ales Festival 2011Manchester, England 1/19/2011
Borefts Bier Festival 2010Bodegraven, Netherlands 9/24/2010
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF)London, England 8/3/2010
FONEFAN in Masters Division CelebrationLondon, England 8/2/2010
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 7/31/2010
RateBeer European SummerGathering 2010Rome, Italy 6/3/2010
chriso’s Back In The UK TastingQueens Park, England 5/22/2010
Mass Wetherspoons Tasting - Return of the Magnificent 7Anytown, England 4/18/2010
Pré-ZBF Night of Whisky & BeerRuddervoorde, Belgium , Belgium 3/4/2010
1st Borefts Beer FestivalBodegraven, Netherlands 10/30/2009
Great British Beer FestivalLondon , England 8/4/2009
chriso’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/1/2009
RBESG 2009 - SheffieldSheffield, England 7/17/2009
Scottish Real Ale FestivalEDINBURGH, Scotland 6/25/2009
DarkLord Day 2009Munster, Indiana 4/25/2009
Mikkeller Special Release EventCopenhagen, Denmark 9/13/2008
European Beer FestivalKøbenhavn K, Denmark 9/12/2008
Great British Beer Festival (GLondon, England 8/5/2008
chris_o’s Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/2/2008
Sheffield "Valley of beerSheffield, England 7/26/2008
RBESG08sPilsen, Czech Republic 6/27/2008
THE SCOTTISH REAL ALE FESTIVALEdinburgh, Scotland 6/19/2008
Glasgow Ultimate Taste Round 2Glasgow, Scotland 3/29/2008
National Winter Ales FestivalManchester, England 1/16/2008
Ultimate glasgow tastingGlasgow, Scotland 12/1/2007
8th Ayrshire Real Ale FestivalTroon, Scotland 10/4/2007
Stockholm Beer & Whisky FestivStockholm, Sweden 9/20/2007
RBESG07sGlasgow, Scotland 8/25/2007
RBESG07sGlasgow, Scotland 8/24/2007
RBESG07sGlasgow, Scotland 8/23/2007
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/7/2007
Scottish Traditional Beer FestEdinburgh, Scotland 6/14/2007
Weekend of Spontaneous FermentBuggenhout, Belgium 5/26/2007
Kingdom of Fife Beer FestivalGlenrothes, Scotland 5/3/2007
Paisley Beer FestivalPaisley, Scotland 4/25/2007