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Upcoming EventsLocationDate

Past Events AttendedLocationDate
Free Beer Week 2013World-wide, n/a3/4/2013
Great American Beer FestivalDenver, Colorado 10/11/2012
12th Annual Autumn Brew ReviewMinneapolis, Minnesota 9/15/2012
Great Taste of the Midwest 2012Madison, Wisconsin 8/11/2012
The Beer Dabbler at Highland FestSt. Paul , Minnesota 7/21/2012
The Beer Dabbler at Pride FestivalMinneapolis , Minnesota 6/22/2012
St. Paul Summer Beer FestSt. Paul, Minnesota 6/16/2012
Odell Small Batch RevivalFort Collins, Colorado 5/26/2012
Zipp’s Spring Beer Extravaganza!!!Minneapolis, Minnesota 4/21/2012
Founders Facepunching-minderasing-liverdamaging ExtravaganzaSt. Paul, Minnesota 4/10/2012
Firken Fest 2012Saint Paul, Minnesota 3/24/2012
Ratebeer Second Annual Free Beer WeekWorldwide, n/a3/4/2012
WinterfestSt. Paul, Minnesota 2/3/2012
Harriet Brewing One Year Anniversary Party & Doppelbock ReleaseMinneapolis, Minnesota 1/27/2012
10 Years of 2pacBeermail for Directions, Iowa 1/20/2012
Harriet Brewing East Side (Batch 100) Release PartySt. Paul , Minnesota 1/12/2012
MN Gathering @ Skyview V St Paul, Minnesota 11/11/2011
DARKNESS DAYMinneapolis, Minnesota 10/22/2011
Fargo Beer FestivalFargo, North Dakota 9/30/2011
SurlyfestBrooklyn Center, Minnesota 9/10/2011
Great Taste of the Midwest 2011Madison, Wisconsin 8/13/2011
The Beer Dabbler Showcase - Highland FestSt. Paul, Minnesota 7/16/2011
Stone Brewing 2011 Imperial Stout Release PartyMinneapolis, Minnesota 7/13/2011
Summit Unchained 07 Honeymoon Saison Release PartyMinneapolis , Minnesota 7/12/2011
Saint Paul Summer Beer FestivalFalcon Heights, Minnesota 6/25/2011
DaSilky1 DaySan Diego, California 4/5/2011
Firkin Fest St. Paul, Minnesota 3/26/2011
Total Tap Takeover!!!San Diego, California 3/9/2011
Winterfest 2011St. Paul, Minnesota 2/4/2011
MN Gathering @ Skyview IVSt Paul, Minnesota 1/29/2011
The Beer Dabbler ShowcaseSt. Paul, Minnesota 1/29/2011
Darkness Day Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 10/23/2010
WHERE THE WILD BEERS AREMinneapolis, Minnesota 10/17/2010
Autumn Brew ReviewMinneapolis, Minnesota 10/2/2010
Great American Beer FestivalDenver, Colorado 9/16/2010
Great Taste of the MidwestMadison, Wisconsin 8/14/2010
Bell’s Fermented EclipseMinneapolis, Minnesota 6/26/2010
Winterfest 2010St. Paul, Minnesota 2/5/2010
2010 Homebrew ReviewEden Prairie, Minnesota 1/23/2010
Darkness DayBrooklyn Center, Minnesota 10/24/2009
MN Gathering @ Skyview II 1/2St Paul, Minnesota 9/19/2009
The Muddy Pig 2nd Annual Belgian Beer Fest.St. Paul, Minnesota 9/17/2009
Autumn Brew ReviewMinneapolis, Minnesota 9/12/2009
Great Taste of the MidwestMadison, Wisconsin 8/8/2009
MN Gathering @ Skyview IISt Paul, Minnesota 1/10/2009
Darkness Eve Party and Beer SwapMinneapolis, Minnesota 10/24/2008
8th Annual Autumn Brew ReviewMinneapolis, Minnesota 9/27/2008
Belgian Beer Fest "SleggSt. Paul, Minnesota 9/12/2008
Great Taste of The MidwestMadison, Wisconsin 8/9/2008
8th Annual ArborfestSt Paul, Minnesota 4/25/2008
Tyranena Dirty Old Man ImperiaMinneapolis, Minnesota 2/15/2008
Winterfest 2008St. Paul, Minnesota 2/8/2008
MN Gathering @ SkyviewSt Paul, Minnesota 1/12/2008
Town Hall 10th Anniversary WeeMinneapolis, Minnesota 10/22/2007
Autumn Brew ReviewMinneapolis, Minnesota 9/29/2007
Great Taste of the MidwestMadison, Wisconsin 8/11/2007