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Upcoming EventsLocationDate

Past Events AttendedLocationDate
16th Annual IPA FestivalHayward, California 4/6/2013
Bistro 6th Annual West Coast Barrel Aged Beer FestHayward, California 11/10/2012
Great American Beer FestivalDenver, Colorado 10/11/2012
24th Anniversary Celebrator Brew-FestBerkeley, California 2/19/2012
Sour SundayBerkeley, California 2/12/2012
Bistro Double IPA FestivalHayward, California 2/11/2012
Barrel Aged FestivalHayward, California 11/12/2011
Bistro 14th Annual IPA FestHayward, California 8/6/2011
Celebrator 23rd Anniversary PartyBerkeley, California 2/20/2011
Super Sour (and Barrel aged) SundayBerkeley, California 2/13/2011
Bistro 11th DIPA FestHayward, California 2/12/2011
5th Annual West Coast Barrel Aged Beer FestHayward, California 11/13/2010
Great American Beer FestivalDenver, Colorado 9/16/2010
The Bistro’s 13th Annual IPA FestivalHayward, California 8/7/2010
Fourth Annual Stone Sour FestEscondido, California 7/18/2010
Meet The Brewer Steve Altimari of Valley Brewing CompanyOakland, California 5/12/2010
7th annual Firkin FestBerkeley, California 4/24/2010
Schooners/Valley Brew Beer and Cheese PairingAntioch, California 2/9/2010
Bistro’s DIPA FestHayward, California 2/6/2010
Brewing Network’s Winter Brews FestivalOakland, California 1/30/2010
13th Annual San Diego Strong Ale Festival 2009Carlsbad, California 12/4/2009
Bistro Barrel Aged Festival Hayward, California 11/14/2009
Bistro 12th Annual IPA FestHayward, California 8/8/2009
RBSG09San Francisco, California 7/9/2009
Firkin Gravity FestivalBerkeley, California 4/4/2009
Meet The Brewers Schooners/Valley BrewAntioch, California 2/9/2009
Bistros 9th Annual DIPA FestHayward, California 2/7/2009
12th Annual Strong Ale Festival Carlsbad , California 12/5/2008
Bistro Barrel Aged FestHayward, California 11/15/2008
The Bistro’s 11th Annual IPA FHayward, California 8/9/2008
Ratebeer Summer GatheringSan Diego, California 8/1/2008
Noogfest Four OChattanooga, Tennessee 5/31/2008
Pre Noogfest - Moccasin Bend TChattanooga, Tennessee 5/31/2008
Pre Noogfest Beer Bash 08Chattanooga, Tennessee 5/30/2008
Raley Field’s 2nd Annual BrewfWest Sacramento, California 5/24/2008
NorCal Beer Geeks TastingStockton, California 5/14/2008
Triple Rock Firkin FestivalBerkeley, California 4/5/2008
Celebrator Beer News 20th AnniOakland, California 2/17/2008
NorCal Beer Geeks TastingStockton, California 2/12/2008
The Bistro’s 8th Annual DoubleHayward, California 2/9/2008
NorCal Beer Geeks TastingStockton, California 1/8/2008
Rate Beer Bay Area goes BelgiaOakland, California 1/6/2008
11th Annual Strong Ale FestivaCarlsbad, California 12/1/2007
11th Annual Strong Ale FestivaCarlsbad, California 11/30/2007
The Bistro’s West Coast BarreHayward, California 11/10/2007
NorCal monthly tastingConcord, California 11/4/2007
Bistro Wet Hop Beer FestHayward, California 10/6/2007
Bistro 10th Annual IPA FestivaHayward, California 8/11/2007
Drake’s Beer Festival and WashSan Leandro, California 7/14/2007
NoogFest III (3D)Chattanooga, Tennessee 6/9/2007
Pre Noogfest BeermaniaChattanooga, Tennessee 6/8/2007
Hop Rhizome FestivalHayward, California 4/21/2007
Triple Rock Firkin FestBerkeley, California 4/7/2007
The Bistro’s 7th Annual DoubleHayward, California 2/10/2007