Garden CIty, New York
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Avg Score Given: 3.05 · Avg Beer Rated: 1.86 · Favorite style: Malt Liquor

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Samuel Adams Boston LagerAmber Lager/Vienna2.912/16/2002
Guinness DraughtDry Stout4.112/16/2002
Sapporo ClassicPale Lager3.412/16/2002
Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)Pale Lager1.612/16/2002
Bud LightPale Lager312/16/2002
BudweiserPale Lager0.912/16/2002
Natural LightPale Lager512/15/2002
Corona ExtraPale Lager1.512/15/2002
Colt 45Malt Liquor3.112/15/2002
Natural IcePale Lager512/15/2002
top styles
Pale Lager
Malt Liquor
Dry Stout
Amber Lager/Vienna
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about me

I like going out with my friends and getting wasted. I dont think beers that are expensive are always best. I think a chep beer like Natural Ice is just as good as some imported beer. My favoirte beer i must say is a california beer called Anchor Steam.