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Past Events AttendedLocationDate
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF) 2014London, England 8/12/2014
RBESG 2014 - London London, England 8/7/2014
Mass Online tasting returnsratesville, Wales 11/13/2012
The Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/7/2012
chrisoís Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 8/4/2012
4th Wandsworth Common Beer FestivalLondon, England 3/29/2012
Duvel Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 2/21/2012
Merton Winter Beer FestivalMerton, Nr Bicester, England 2/17/2012
Orval Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 1/24/2012
Fullers 1845 Mass online tastingAnytown, Wales 12/13/2011
Best of BockBamberg, Germany 11/25/2011
Worthington White Shield Mass tastingAnytown, Wales 11/15/2011
Casparís Bonfire send-off (with cider)Lewes, England 11/5/2011
RBESG 2011London, England 8/5/2011
Great British Beer FestivalLondon, England 8/2/2011
chrisoís Pre-GBBF ShindigLondon, England 7/30/2011
Great British Beer Festival (GBBF)London, England 8/3/2010
FONEFAN in Masters Division CelebrationLondon, England 8/2/2010
chrisoís Back In The UK TastingQueens Park, England 5/22/2010
Mass Wetherspoons Tasting - Return of the Magnificent 7Anytown, England 4/18/2010
Pigís Ear Beer + Cider FestivalLondon, England 12/1/2009
Watford Beer Festival (#15)Watford, England 11/19/2009
Lambic festival @ The RakeLondon, England 11/1/2009
Great British Beer FestivalLondon , England 8/4/2009