Telford, England
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Avg Score Given: 2.48 · Avg Beer Rated: 1.97 · Favorite style: Pilsener

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Efes Pilsen (Pilsener)Pilsener2.58/31/2003
Bitburger Premium PilsPilsener3.38/31/2003
Corona ExtraPale Lager2.48/31/2003
BudweiserPale Lager1.88/31/2003
CarlingPale Lager1.28/31/2003
Amstel LagerPale Lager3.48/31/2003
Skol Lager (UK)Pale Lager1.78/31/2003
CobraPale Lager38/31/2003
Fosters (UK)Pale Lager1.98/31/2003
Oranjeboom Premier Lager (3.5%)Pale Lager38/31/2003
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Beer is one of lifes luxury's in fact its one of the 8 wonders in the world! it should be desert island beers not discs and mine would be Amstel(greece) Cobra and Stella dranks straight out of my beer stella beer chiller!!