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Currently reading: ATLAS SHRUGGED (a slog, but unintentionally hilarious among other virtues), and THE IRON TOWER OMNIBUS (Dennis McKiernan) -- the worst Tolkien rip-off ever.

Currently watching: the films of PEDRO ALMODOVAR; film noir; BETTY BOOP.

Currently drinking: nothing.

Favorite Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
Last seen Feb 26 2009
Bobcat Cafe and Brewery, BristolJasper Murdocks Alehouse, NorwichMcNeills Brewery, BrattleboroOtter Creek Brewing, MiddleburyRock Art Brewery, MorrisvilleThe Alchemist, WaterburyThe Shed Restaurant & Brewery, MiddleburyTrout River Brewing Company, SpringfieldVermont Pub & Brewery, BurlingtonZero Gravity Craft Brewery, Burlington