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Ratebeer News - June 9, 2005

A Weekly Roundup of the World’s Beer News
Brewers/Industry June 9, 2005      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

On June 11th Denver’s Great Divide Brewing Co. will open its doors to celebrate its 11th anniversary. Great Divide’s founder, Brian Dunn explained, “We want to say thanks to the good folks out there who are stocking their refrigerators with Great Divide . . . by inviting them to come see the brewery, enjoy a few beers, have a good time and support a good cause.”Dunn added, “In addition to showing that we appreciate our fans, we want to recognize our hard-working crew, who are an important part of our success.” Since 1994 Great Divide has received a lot of recognition for brewing big, balanced and challenging ales. In 2004 Great Divide has seen a growth of 19%, Brian Dunn stated that the growth is fueled by beer drinkers’ interest in more assertive beers and that they expect more from their beers in term of hop bitterness, hop flavor and malt.

Big Rock brewery is seeking to sell its Whistler Brewery operations in Kamloops. The brewery’s main brands include Black Bear Ale, Whistler Cream Ale, Whistler Black Tusk and Whistler Premium Lager. The brewer is too large to receive tax incentives from the BC government and makes up a miniscule proportion of Big Rock’s total output.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company has announced that they have begun the installation of a photovoltaic solar array for their brewery in Boonville. The brewery’s president, Kenneth Allen declared that they feel an obligation to be responsible with resources. He also said that they recycle as much as their waste as they can and that solar is the future.

InBev expects that when the year 2010 comes by one third of their cash flow will come from China. The chairman of the beer giant, Pierre Jean Everaert said that the low per capita consumption of beer in China spelled great promise for global brewers. InBev markets 51 brands in China.

Portland will host the Oregon Beer Week beginning on July, 23. The Beer Week is a prelude to the Oregon Brewers Festival and will encompass a variety of special events like chocolate and beer pairings and advance tasting of secret beers brewed for the Oregon Brewers Festival. The brewers will also be available to chat with the beer lovers.

The Yukon Brewing Company is eyeing a new market. After trying the crowded British Colombia beer market with limited results the brewery has an eye on Alberta. Mark Beesey, the manager of marketing and sales declared : "B.C. proved just a little too challenging for us to crack into. So, we’ve shifted our focus to Alberta. And we’re starting to do some really good things in Alberta. In fact the best of our success is in northern Alberta, in Grand Prairie.” The Whitehorse-based brewery is also entering the never-ending light beer war by introducing its own light beer, mainly marketed for American tourists.

British Columbia’s Russell Brewing has raised over half a million dollars in a private placement. The brewer was acquired in January 2004 by New Market Ventures Inc., and has since quadrupled its sales. Russell’s top brands are Extra Special Lager and Cream Ale. Their summer seasonal Lemon Ale was recently released for 2005.



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