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Ratebeer News - Friday Sept 9, 2005

This Week’s Beer News
Brewers/Industry September 9, 2005      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

Advertising seems to have a strong influence over beer consumption in Russia. A year ago in Russia a law was voted to restrict beer advertising on television. According to a recent poll, ten percent of Russians declared that they decreased their beer consumption since the law took effect and a third of the 18-24 age group declared the same thing. The goal of the restriction was to discourage beer drinking among young people.

Fullers released a new beer, Discovery. The blonde ale will be sold on cask in pubs and in 500 ml bottles. With this lighter, refreshing beer Fullers is aiming to attract new drinkers.

Researchers at the Meurice Institute in Brussels have developped an expertise on the nutritional quality of beer. Their research focuses mainly on the folates, which come from malt and yeast. The folate content is stronger in refermented beers since the yeast is still active. They claim that beers that have a high folate content can help to prevent the lack of B9 vitamins that is often observed in western Europe. The researchers are now offering their services to brewers to help maximise the vitamin content of the beer, their goal is to rehabilitate beer as a daily beverge to be consumed in moderation. They are also preparing a report about the relation between folate content and beer aging.

After North Carolina another state has been successful in modifying its regulation. Starting on September 4, liquor stores of Pennsylvania can open on Sunday, from noon to 5 p.m. It seems that everyone is happy about that, the local customers and the store owners who do great business. The store owners have high expectations for Sunday sales since the football season is soon to start.

In Australia a family owned brewery is fighting off a hostile takeover. Coopers Brewery Ltd. is the target of a takeover by another Australian brewer, Lion Nathan Ltd. The Coopers brewery is still owned in large part by members of the family. Previously Lion Nathan, who owns 19.9 percent of Coopers’ shares, tried to have a commercial agreement with Coppers where Coopers would brew Lion Nathan beers and Lion Nathan would distribute Coopers beers. Since Coopers refused any agreement Lion Nathan launched a hostile takover bid since they believe they own pre-emptive rights to acquire shares of Coopers. Last week a judge decided on favor of Coopers and had the rights removed. Lion Nathan lodged a formal appeal to the Supreme Court.



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