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Ratebeer News - November 3, 2005

Beers new from around the world and down the street
Brewers/Industry November 3, 2005      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

On November 1st the publishing division of the Campaign for Real Ale, CAMRA Books, launched a new book. Titled The Big Book of Beer and written by Adrian Terney-Jones the book aims to educate and change people’s perceptions about beer. The book features the history of beer, showcases beer styles, an explanation of the brewing process in addition to other subjects like beer and food pairing.

Problems are brewing in Connecticut. A holiday beer called Seriously Bad Elf will be the object of a hearing by the Connecticut Liquor Control Commision regarding it’s label. The beer has a picture of Santa on its label and the Commision thinks that it will appeal to children. Children who shop specialty beer stores for $5 bottles of English ale.

The Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) released a new beer, the Imperial Pilsner 2005 Harvest. The founder and brewer, Jim Koch declared that the beer was brewed to showcase the hops, in this case Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops. Koch has traveled to Germany to hand pick the hops himself after the hops have been harvested and the cones have dried in a hop house. About this new beer who has a IBU score of 110 Koch declared that he wants to test the limits of hops, that with good hops he can use reckless amounts to get a big and rich beer, but balanced. Koch also said that the Imperial Pilsner is for better beer drinkers who want hops.

The low-price beer war has been going on for a while and Sleeman wants in. After looking at the results of the third quarter of 2005, Sleeman decided to put more energy in its low-priced beer brands like Stroh, Old Milwaukee and Pabst Blue Ribbon. While their premium beers did well, they see an opportunity in the growing low-price market and want to seize it. They will target Ontario particurlarly to promote the low-price beers in their protfolio. In the meanwhile, the Quebec-based subsidiary Unibroue recorded high sales but Sleeman wants to cut in the high administration costs.

There’s a battle in Wisconsin, where small brewers are fighting a bill supported by the Beer Wholesaler’s Association. The bill, which the wholesalers claim protects small brewers, effectively caps their growth potential at 50,000 barrels. Leading the fight is New Glarus, who are rapidly growing and have already hit the 40,000 barrel mark.



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