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Ratebeer News - November 17, 2005

Beer News from Around the World
Beer Travels November 17, 2005      
Written by RateBeer

Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA -

Since beer lost market shares to wine and spirits in the US, Anheuser-Busch is planning a counter-strike. Instead of waging war with its competitors Anheuser-Busch want to rally them to launch a global marketing campaign not unlike the “Got Milk?” campaign. The goal of the campaign would be to remind the consumers and retailers the reasons why beer is America’s most popular beverage, like its moderate alcohol content and its refreshing quality.

China’s beer market continues to be red hot. Sales have increased 39% in the past five years. Despite this, overcapacity remains an issue and the result has been round after round of consolidation. Groups like CRB and Tsingtao are approaching national status. Global firms like A-B and Carlsberg have a large presence.

Japan’s beer industry is getting ready for the year end taxation debate. This seems like a tradition, in the last ten years the beer industry has to negotiate tax revisions with the government. The Finance Ministry wants to play on the differences in each brewer’s strength to weaken the opposition.

After 158 years of independence George Gale agreed to a takeover proposition by Fuller’s, Smith and Turner. Gale’s chairman, Charles Brims, declared that the decision was founded on the expected negative impact of the imminent ban on smoking in pubs.

A research proved that beer could help to prevent cancer. Oregon State University’s researchers found a class of compounds called flavonoids that can neutralize the oxygen molecules that cause cancer. As luck would have it, one of those flavonoids is found in hops. However it seems that the level of flavonoid in beer might not be enough to have a significant preventive effect.

Undaunted by lukewarm response of beer drinkers, the makers of Bootie Beer, contract-brewed at City Brewery in LaCrosse, WI, have national ambitions. Because of course, companies operating with a negative cash flow and whose product is an indistinguishable lager with a gimmicky marketing concept can change the world.

An ancient brewery was discovered in Peru. The brewery made hundreds of gallons per week of chicha, a brew indigenous to the area. Chicha is “mashed” by women chewing the maize. Enzymes in their saliva break down the starches, rendering if fermentable. The brewery dates from the Wari civilization, one of many pre-Inca societies in Peru.

We previously reported about problems that the Seriously Bad Elf beer had regarding their label showing Santa Claus that “might” appeal to children. Finally Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection announced they will approve the sale of the beer. Ridiculous case closed.



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