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  Lanzamiento Antares IPA
       Apr 12, 2007

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Antares Tripel

Second entry in Brewmaster Selection series.
Features August 9, 2007      
Written by Fukito

Santiago, CHILE -

Sunday night, after a whole day spent playing tennis in a freezing (for South American standards) but sunny Buenos Aires winter afternoon, we set sail to the <a hrefhttp://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/antares/2335/>Antares pub in Palermo.

The motive of our visit: the second installment in the brand-new Antares´s seasonal program, “Antares Tripel”.

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The pub, as usual, was pretty busy, with an amazingly high rate of occupancy for a cold, uninviting Sunday night. After being given a place to seat, we promptly asked for some hearty Antares´ fries and respective Antares Tripel pints for everyone.

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the author enjoying Antares Tripel

All the merchandising and paraphernalia surrounding the beer remarked its ties to the monastic tradition (although correctly informing that the style itself was developed in the ´30s). Another aspect that gets its share of attention is the high versatility of the beer for differents pairings (“maridajes”) with different kinds of cuisine. There was even a couple of special dishes added to the menu in order to be enjoyed with the new beer. The tripel circus concludes with a brief mention of Saint Arnoldus, holy patron of brewing.

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The main feature of this brew, putting it aside from all other Antares brews and most widely distributed local craft brews is the fact that it is bottle conditioned, a fact that is frequently highlighted in the promotion material. Another aspect that caught my attention was a recommended serving temperature of 10ºC, although my pint was sadly chilled.

On to the beer now. I was really skeptical about this brew, partly because I really had my doubts about local brewers having the capability to mimic Belgian craftmanship and mostly because I was really upset at Antares putting down their IPA, which was a pretty decent brew, if you ask me.

<IMG border=0 SRC=/images/features/AntaresTripel4.JPG>

Alcohol content: 9% abv

Color: golden

Malts used: Pilsen

Bittering Hop: Cascade

Aroma Hop: Saaz

Yeast: Belgian Ale

“Guest Ingredient”: crushed coriander

<a hrefhttp://www.http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/antares-tripel/76601/18890/>Here are my tasting notes.

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Next stop: Antares Oktoberfest.




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start quote Another aspect that gets its share of attention is the high versatility of the beer for differents pairings (“maridajes”) with different kinds of cuisine. end quote