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These are the best beers you can find in this region's stores and restaurants based on the availability information provided by RateBeerians in this area. A beer has to have 5 or more ratings to be listed here.

1Westvleteren 12 (XII)Westvleteren Abdij St. Sixtus3521100
2AF Brew Zimnaya Melankholiya (Winter Melancholy)AF Brew4098
3Jaws Brewery Russian Imperial Stout V1Jaws Brewery2996
4Victory Art Brew Black Sails IPAVictory Art Brew5394
5Victory Art Brew Queen MaryVictory Art Brew3893
6Jaws Brewery Atomnaya PrachechnayaJaws Brewery5693
7Victory Art Brew Red Sails IPAVictory Art Brew3892
8Jaws Brewery SomnambulaJaws Brewery1792
9AF Brew Redrum IPA Special EditionAF Brew4091
10Victory Art Brew Red Machine IPAVictory Art Brew7490
11Odna Tonna Choco MammuthOdna Tonna2588
12Jaws Brewery CitraizenJaws Brewery2486
13AF Brew Black Magic PorterAF Brew3984
14Jaws Brewery American Pale Ale (APA)Jaws Brewery4882
15AF Brew Old SparkyAF Brew1681
16Plan B Cowboy MalboroPlan B Brewery1078
17AF Brew Hentai IPAAF Brew2376
18AF Brew MelankholiyaAF Brew1276
19AF Brew Hoppy SurfAF Brew2075
20AF Brew Ingria Pale AleAF Brew3174
21Jaws Brewery Oatmeal StoutJaws Brewery4970
22Victory Art Brew Bonzo OPAVictory Art Brew2068
23Stamm Beer Red RiverStamm Beer1566
24AF Brew Hip Hop MilkAF Brew1763
25Jaws Brewery WeizenJaws Brewery1159


1Efes Karaganda Velkopopovický Kozel ČernýEfes Karaganda823
2Line Brew Premium LagerLine Brew Bottlers913
3Efes Karaganda Velkopopovický Kozel Sveltloe Efes Karaganda1210
4Kruzhka Svezhego MyagkoeEfes Karaganda119
5Beliy Medved OsoboeEfes Karaganda149
6Karagandinskoe KrepkoeEfes Karaganda107
7Karagandinskoe SvetloeEfes Karaganda287
8Alma-Ata YachmennoyeDerbes (Carlsberg Kazakhstan)156
9Kruzhka Svezhego Efes Karaganda185
10Zhigulevskoe Razlivnoe / QuyılmalıEfes Karaganda94
11Derbes Krepkoe (Strong)Derbes (Carlsberg Kazakhstan)101
12Shymkentskoe PilsnerZAO Shymkentpivo8
13Zhigulevskoe Firmennoe Zhivoe (Kazakhstan)Derbes (Carlsberg Kazakhstan)7
14Arasan Erzmann StrongArasan5
15Arasan Erzmann DarkArasan7
16Zolotaya Kruzhka Svetloe (Kazakhstan)Pervyj Pivzavod (Oasis Beverages)7
17Line Brew Wheat BeerLine Brew Bottlers7
18Derbes KlassicheskoeDerbes (Carlsberg Kazakhstan)5
19Efes Karaganda Zhigulevskoye Avtorskoe Non-filteredEfes Karaganda8

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