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These are the best beers you can find in this region's stores and restaurants based on the availability information provided by RateBeerians in this area. A beer has to have 5 or more ratings to be listed here.

1La Trappe QuadrupelLa Trappe Trappist - Abdij O.L.V. Koningshoeven (Bavaria)275899
2Outlaw Gateway 6.7%Outlaw Brewing1281
3ABC Extra StoutSingapore Brewery (Asia Pacific Breweries-Heineken)20052
4Siem Reap Dark AleSiem Reap Brewpub1146
5Tawandang DunkelTawandang German Brewery2444
6Siem Reap Blonde AleSiem Reap Brewpub938
7Himawari CentenniALEHimawari1228
8Siem Reap IPASiem Reap Brewpub927
9Angkor Premium Extra StoutCambrew (Carlsberg)10326
10Beat Pitch Orange WitBeat Brewing926
11Tawandang LagerTawandang German Brewery2223
12Kingdom PilsenerKingdom Breweries (Cambodia)6210
13Ganzberg BeerGanzberg Brewery296
14CambodiaKhmer Brewery613
15Angkor Premium Beer / DraftCambrew (Carlsberg)1902
16Himawari Gem & JadeHimawari8
17Himawari OatSHimawari8
18Himawari Apsara GoldHimawari8
19Siem Reap Honey WeissSiem Reap Brewpub5
20Siem Reap SaisonSiem Reap Brewpub7


1Stone Head The Dark SideStone Head1672
2Stone Head Hazelnut Chocolate StoutStone Head1170
3Phnom Penh StoutPhnom Penh Brewery1948
4Stone Head Gancore IPAStone Head1148
5Siem Reap Dark AleSiem Reap Brewpub1146
6Gold Crown StoutCambodia Brewery (Heineken)1041
7Siem Reap Blonde AleSiem Reap Brewpub938
8Bruntys PearAsia Pacific Cider Company936
9Stone Head Lemongrass KolschStone Head1135
10Stone Head Seven DaysStone Head1535
11Black PantherCambrew (Carlsberg)8934
12Kingdom LigerKingdom Breweries (Cambodia)1528
13Himawari CentenniALEHimawari1228
14Siem Reap IPASiem Reap Brewpub927
15Bruntys AppleAsia Pacific Cider Company1127
16Angkor Premium Extra StoutCambrew (Carlsberg)10326
17Stone Head Tire Burning WeizenStone Head1515
18Kingdom MaxKingdom Breweries (Cambodia)914
19Stone Head Tuk Tuk Cream AleStone Head1614
20Kingdom Dunkel / Dark LagerKingdom Breweries (Cambodia)5412
21Kingdom PilsenerKingdom Breweries (Cambodia)6210
22Kingdom GoldKingdom Breweries (Cambodia)127
23Ganzberg BeerGanzberg Brewery296
24Special BeerPhnom Penh Brewery134
25Phnom Penh BeerPhnom Penh Brewery184

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