BruRm Aberdeem -1/14/2010Rate 2.864
BruRm Alt or Nothing -1/27/2008Rate 2.921
BruRm AmBAR Ale -6/25/2001Rate 2.671717
BruRm Big Man IDA 6.01/27/2017Rate 0
BruRm Big Wood Porter 5.012/28/2010Rate 2.792
BruRm Brown Eyed Beauty 5.18/8/2017Rate 0
BruRm Bunghammer Barleywine 9.03/12/2004Rate 31
BruRm Café con Leche -10/19/2016Rate 3.091
BruRm Charlie Mopps IPA 4.03/30/2008Rate 2.873
BruRm Chinook IPA 5.57/2/2011Rate 2.811
BruRm Chocolate Porter -3/9/2008Rate 2.793
BruRm Citra IPA 5.55/3/2011Rate 2.931
BruRm Damn Good Espresso Stout 7.512/28/2010Rate 2.973
BruRm Damn Good Stout 5.56/25/2001Rate 3.36118
BruRm Doctor's Orders Hefeweizen -8/4/2006Rate 2.775
BruRm Falconer's Flight IPA 5.03/5/2011Rate 2.931
BruRm Faultline IPA -6/1/2013Rate 2.843
BruRm German Alt -12/26/2007Rate 31
BruRm Heavy Hand Hank Brown Ale -9/14/2007Rate 2.972
BruRm Hitting 70 IPA 7.07/7/2007Rate 3.111
BruRm Hitting 73 IPA 7.35/28/2010Rate 3.032
BruRm HItting 74 IPA -7/2/2011Rate 2.982
BruRm Hitting 76 IPA -6/20/2013Rate 2.872
BruRm I'll be Bock -4/30/2012Rate 2.771
BruRm Jacobite's Revenge 6.52/21/2011Rate 2.92
BruRm Johnny Danglers Strong Ale 7.01/20/2007Rate 3.151
BruRm Live and Let Rye 5.38/8/2017Rate 0
BruRm Master Brewers Rye 5.01/20/2007Rate 2.841
BruRm Midnight Raven -5/3/2011Rate 2.841
BruRm Nuttin Special IPA -10/3/2012Rate 2.81
BruRm Olde Country Ale -11/16/2008Rate 31
BruRm Pacific Rim Job Session IPA -8/22/2014Rate 0
BruRm Pale Ale -5/2/2002Rate 3.124318
BruRm Presumptuous Porter 8.55/2/2002Rate 3.082
BruRm Raven Haired Beauty Mild 3.76/12/2004Rate 3.124
BruRm Rye Pale Ale -3/6/2010Rate 3.012
BruRm Smiler Brown Ale 5.512/28/2010Rate 2.81
BruRm Summers End Scotch Ale -12/26/2007Rate 2.922
BruRm Ten Years After 6.03/5/2011Rate 2.862
BruRm Toasted Blonde -5/2/2002Rate 2.83217
BruRm Two Alarm Smoke Porter 5.611/25/2001Rate 3.153
BruRm Vixen Winter WASS Ale 5.811/26/2011Rate 2.791
BruRm Watermelon Ale -6/22/2001Rate 2.857
BruRm West India Porter -11/26/2011Rate 2.931
BruRm Winter Warmer Spiced Beer -2/11/2002Rate 3.181

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