Amherst 'Lil Shed Saison 6.82/9/2014Rate 2.731
Amherst 250th Golden Ale 5.08/4/2009Rate 2.811
Amherst Ace in the Hole Pilsner 4.59/23/2010Rate 0
Amherst Bankers Gold 5.28/10/2005Rate 2.684
Amherst Black Dog IPA 5.09/23/2010Rate 2.884
Amherst Black Friday 8.511/30/2013Rate 2.871
Amherst Black Friday (Bing Cherries) 8.511/30/2013Rate 2.91
Amherst Black Friday (Vanilla & Coffee Beans) 8.511/30/2013Rate 2.931
Amherst Blue Berry Pale Ale -8/19/2005Rate 3.192
Amherst Boltwood Bock 5.75/27/2002Rate 2.933
Amherst Breakfest In Bed 6.72/6/2017Rate 3.232
Amherst Captain's Code Baltic Porter 6.011/4/2009Rate 2.841
Amherst Cascade IPA 5.312/22/2001Rate 3.46145
Amherst Chelsea 5.511/6/2015Rate 2.981
Amherst Chocolate Porter 5.52/22/2005Rate 3.038
Amherst Coirm Irish Red 5.35/4/2012Rate 2.741
Amherst Crooked Antler -11/15/2005Rate 2.972
Amherst Dark Harvest -10/6/2006Rate 2.612
Amherst Double Bitter -6/15/2007Rate 31
Amherst Double Vision IPA -6/20/2007Rate 2.832
Amherst ESB 5.3512/22/2001Rate 3.39130
Amherst Ethereal Saison 7.13/14/2017Rate 3.022
Amherst Fruit Salad 7.18/15/2017Rate 3.111
Amherst Full Circle Imperial Brown 7.112/30/2011Rate 3.182
Amherst Gone Postal IPA 7.012/25/2011Rate 3.044
Amherst Graduation Ale 5.55/4/2002Rate 3.155
Amherst Half In The Bagpipe 7.23/6/2002Rate 3.465611
Amherst Heather Ale 5.412/14/2002Rate 3.14713
Amherst Henry Jackson Stout 5.23/6/2002Rate 3.156
Amherst Honey Pilsner 5.212/22/2001Rate 3.027914
Amherst Incarcerator Dopplebock 6.83/6/2005Rate 2.95189
Amherst Jess! 7.55/27/2015Rate 3.315
Amherst Juicebox 5.28/10/2017Rate 2.751
Amherst Juliette 7.32/6/2017Rate 3.375
Amherst Juliette - Tequila Barrel Aged 7.39/22/2017Rate 2.941
Amherst Legends IPA -11/5/2007Rate 3.052
Amherst Lewmeister Oktoberfest 5.49/28/2003Rate 3.128011
Amherst Massatucky Brown 5.2512/22/2001Rate 3.033740
Amherst Michelle 4.511/6/2015Rate 3.021
Amherst Minuteman Red 4.82/9/2014Rate 2.791
Amherst Muddy Brook Maibock 5.79/30/2011Rate 2.761
Amherst North Pleasant Pale Ale 5.2512/22/2001Rate 2.841323
Amherst Oak Aged Two Sisters 6.71/28/2010Rate 2.861
Amherst Off-Kilter Wee Heavy 7.55/4/2012Rate 2.811
Amherst Old Number 5 Blueberry Strong Ale 5.510/7/2002Rate 3.151
Amherst Olde # 6 (Anniversary Ale) 6.58/11/2003Rate 3.071
Amherst Olde # 7 (Anniversary Ale) 6.98/3/2004Rate 3.05713
Amherst Olde #8 (Anniversary) 6.858/19/2005Rate 2.955
Amherst Olde #9 (Anniversary) -1/10/2007Rate 2.782
Amherst Patch Porter 5.43/25/2003Rate 2.794
Amherst Patriots Pilsner 4.87/14/2004Rate 2.876
Amherst Puffer's Smoked Porter 4.612/22/2001Rate 3.35932
Amherst Pumpkin Ale 5.011/30/2013Rate 2.973
Amherst Raspberry Brown Ale 4.912/22/2001Rate 3.288
Amherst Ryeteous Red 4.62/23/2002Rate 3.097611
Amherst Saison - Chardonnay Barrel Aged 6.88/10/2017Rate 2.941
Amherst Salamander Crossing Steam Lager 4.612/22/2001Rate 2.869
Amherst Seeing Double IPA 7.211/13/2012Rate 0
Amherst Skipping Through the Belgain Countryside 7.22/6/2017Rate 3.33
Amherst Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.28/10/2017Rate 2.961
Amherst Stout - Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged 8.28/10/2017Rate 2.981
Amherst Strawberry Shortcake Pale Ale 5.57/28/2013Rate 2.962
Amherst Toasted Coconut Cream Coffee Porter 5.59/22/2017Rate 2.941
Amherst Two Sisters Imperial Stout 6.712/22/2001Rate 3.341430
Amherst Vault Alt 5.02/8/2004Rate 2.961
Amherst Violet 7.12/15/2017Rate 3.273
Amherst Wedding Witte 5.21/21/2009Rate 2.973
Amherst Workingmans Wheat 4.97/4/2003Rate 2.944
Amherst You're not Worthy Pilsner -7/28/2013Rate 2.91

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