Buckhead Brewery (Corp HQ)

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
2871 Stonecrest Cr., Lithonia, Georgia, USA 30038
Out of business

Operated various locations 1995 to 2005
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Buckhead Ahtanum Pale Ale -7/20/2002Rate 3.111
Buckhead Aspen Amber -5/10/2002Rate 3.254
Buckhead Avalanche Amber -5/13/2002Rate 3.213
Buckhead Black Diamond Stout -5/10/2002Rate 3.468612
Buckhead Blanche de Buckhead -6/24/2002Rate 3.181
Buckhead Buck Light 5.06/23/2002Rate 2.667
Buckhead Chasing Tail Ale -5/12/2002Rate 2.841
Buckhead Donegal Stout 4.03/20/2003Rate 3.242
Buckhead Double Maibock (alias) -7/13/2004
Buckhead Duckblind Pale Ale -5/13/2002Rate 3.34
Buckhead Eagles Eye Oatmeal Stout -5/13/2002Rate 3.031
Buckhead Emperor Penguin Ale 9.512/20/2004Rate 3.335
Buckhead Hefe Double Maibock 107/5/2004Rate 3.456610
Buckhead Hefeweizen -5/12/2002Rate 3.285
Buckhead Hop Island India Pale Ale 6.85/10/2002Rate 3.176
Buckhead Imperial Pale Ale (alias) 9.512/20/2004
Buckhead Kringles Dilemma -2/22/2004Rate 31
Buckhead La Fin Avec Benedicion 6.56/10/2002Rate 3.181
Buckhead Lakeside Light 4.811/2/2003Rate 2.612
Buckhead Maibock -6/8/2004Rate 3.031
Buckhead Marzen 5.45/12/2002Rate 31
Buckhead Munich Dunkel -5/13/2002Rate 3.193
Buckhead Munich Helles 5.05/12/2002Rate 2.763
Buckhead Nut Brown Ale -5/13/2002Rate 3.023
Buckhead Oktoberfest -5/10/2002Rate 3.297
Buckhead Panther Pale Ale -5/13/2002Rate 3.619
Buckhead Pioneer Pilsener -5/13/2002Rate 2.873
Buckhead Red Hills Amber -5/10/2002Rate 3.498
Buckhead Redwood Amber -4/20/2004Rate 3.132
Buckhead Renegade IPA -7/16/2002Rate 3.111
Buckhead Rocky Mountain Maibock -5/13/2002Rate 2.811
Buckhead Schwarzbier 5.25/12/2002Rate 2.853
Buckhead Smokey Mountain Porter 5.61/3/2003Rate 3.162
Buckhead Southern Belle 5.65/12/2002Rate 2.865
Buckhead Speakeasy Pilsener -5/13/2002Rate 3.192
Buckhead Steam Beer 5.411/2/2003Rate 2.731
Buckhead Ten Point Porter -5/10/2002Rate 3.367
Buckhead Wilderness Wheat -5/12/2002Rate 2.913
Buckhead Winter Ale 8.05/12/2002Rate 3.584

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