Big Lamp

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 70/100 181 ratings
The Keelman, Grange Road, Newburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear, England NE15 8NL
The Keelman (
Brewery tap)
12-1030 Sun. Tours by arrangement

Places associated: Keelman (Big Lamp), Wheatsheaf (Big Lamp)
Founded in 1982
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Big Lamp 3D 4.19/8/2012Rate 3.023
Big Lamp Bitter 3.98/19/2004Rate 3.18216
Big Lamp Blackout 119/15/2012Rate 3.013
Big Lamp Diamond 4.57/27/2012Rate 2.881
Big Lamp Double M 4.32/10/2008Rate 2.862
Big Lamp Embers 5.52/8/2005Rate 3.198
Big Lamp Euro 12 4.47/8/2012Rate 2.881
Big Lamp Gold Star 4.06/23/2013Rate 2.861
Big Lamp IPA 4.05/7/2017Rate 3.091
Big Lamp Keelman Brown 5.75/27/2008Rate 3.277314
Big Lamp Lamp Light 4.25/15/2011Rate 2.853519
Big Lamp Nora Tunney 4.74/22/2013Rate 2.871
Big Lamp Old Classic 5.511/12/2016Rate 2.921
Big Lamp Old Genie 7.41/26/2004Rate 3.274
Big Lamp One Hop Wonder 4.05/23/2009Rate 2.883
Big Lamp Pele’s Pint 4.66/13/2014Rate 2.881
Big Lamp Premium 5.28/8/2004Rate 3.118
Big Lamp Prince Bishop Ale 4.88/20/2002Rate 3.188638
Big Lamp Ruby Red 4.05/6/2017Rate 2.921
Big Lamp Spooky Special 4.811/7/2009Rate 2.861
Big Lamp Summerhill Stout 4.48/12/2003Rate 3.274637
Big Lamp Sunny Daze 3.68/11/2007Rate 2.893713
Big Lamp The Dark Side 4.812/4/2013Rate 2.831
Big Lamp Tilley’s Ale 4.412/5/2012Rate 2.881
Big Lamp Winter Gold 4.511/14/2011Rate 2.81
Big Lamp XXV 4.21/28/2008Rate 2.881
Federation Angel Ale (Cask)
Brewed by/for Dunston (Heineken UK)
4.73/29/2004Rate 2.661
Federation Northumbrian Ale (Cask)
Brewed by/for Dunston (Heineken UK)
3.711/12/2004Rate 2.961

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