Brewers Unleashed Jazz Hands 9.58/7/2012Rate 2.994
Brewers Unleashed Running Honey Bear 9.158/7/2012Rate 2.761
Sandlot #3,000 Ale 9.51/7/2012Rate 3.062
Sandlot 10 Years Bock 6.86/17/2007Rate 2.983
Sandlot Abbey -8/4/2010Rate 2.761
Sandlot Alt -7/5/2010Rate 2.871
Sandlot Arbitrator 6.510/1/2003Rate 2.833
Sandlot Barleywine -1/7/2012Rate 2.691
Sandlot Barmen Pilsener -12/11/2002Rate 3.078131
Sandlot Barracuda Golden Ale -7/31/2010Rate 2.852
Sandlot Batter's IPA 5.58/7/2014Rate 2.922
Sandlot Brokeback Rauchbock -4/2/2006Rate 3.245
Sandlot Brown Ale -6/25/2006Rate 2.853
Sandlot Burning Down the House 5.710/12/2013Rate 2.881
Sandlot Celebrate 20 5.59/7/2015Rate 2.871
Sandlot Derby Ale -6/23/2007Rate 3.071
Sandlot Doppelbock -9/19/2011Rate 2.872
Sandlot Dunkel -8/9/2009Rate 2.831
Sandlot Fettsacher Kellerbock -4/10/2010Rate 2.841
Sandlot Fresh Tracks Ale -12/26/2004Rate 3.031
Sandlot Goat Rancher Bock 7.210/11/2014Rate 3.142
Sandlot Goat Rancher Pale Bock 7.710/3/2005Rate 2.99429
Sandlot Grand Prix Pilsner -1/10/2003Rate 2.872
Sandlot Helles of a Play -10/1/2003Rate 3.149713
Sandlot Irish Stout -10/4/2005Rate 2.735
Sandlot Kneewalker Double IPA -10/22/2010Rate 2.732
Sandlot Llano Lager 6.08/11/2014Rate 2.881
Sandlot Mary Jane 5.04/7/2015Rate 2.81
Sandlot Melvis -1/7/2012Rate 2.861
Sandlot Most Beer Judges Are Bone Heads -10/4/2005Rate 3.184
Sandlot Move Back Dortmunder Export 5.510/13/2007Rate 2.815010
Sandlot Naptime Stout 6.03/29/2017Rate 3.021
Sandlot Peanut Ale -10/31/2006Rate 2.841
Sandlot Pinch Hit Pils -10/3/2005Rate 3.18715
Sandlot Pine In The Neck (alias) 9.08/27/2013
Sandlot Pink Ping-Pong Ball -3/14/2010Rate 2.871
Sandlot Power Alley ESB -7/10/2004Rate 2.813
Sandlot Pro-Am DIPA (alias) -12/27/2010
Sandlot Right Field Red -7/10/2004Rate 3.034620
Sandlot Rock Pile 5.57/19/2017Rate 2.921
Sandlot Schtolen Pils 5.19/9/2017Rate 2.921
Sandlot Second-Hand Smoke 7.710/1/2003Rate 3.58727
Sandlot Slugfest Oktoberfest -10/4/2004Rate 2.913
Sandlot Sluggers Stout -5/7/2006Rate 3.18
Sandlot The Clueless Beer Writer -10/5/2005Rate 3.112
Sandlot Thin Mint 5.84/19/2013Rate 2.81
Sandlot Tongue Thai-ed (alias) -10/25/2013
Sandlot Weizenbock -7/30/2010Rate 2.771
Sandlot Where's the Helles Bill? -9/30/2009Rate 2.957411
Sandlot Wicked Hop IPA 6.45/13/2017Rate 3.094
Sandlot Wild Pitch Hefeweizen -10/1/2003Rate 3.178328
Sandlot Willy's Schwarz 5.254/20/2014Rate 2.912

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