Longwood 40 KM I.S.A. Island Session Ale 4.211/12/2015Rate 2.725
Longwood 60 Shilling Ale -6/13/2005Rate 2.993
Longwood Ale (aka Woodie's Ale) 5.07/12/2003Rate 2.621710
Longwood All Day Coffee Stout 4.510/4/2015Rate 3.135
Longwood Alt Bier 4.56/24/2008Rate 2.936
Longwood Barley Wine 10.57/14/2003Rate 3.546720
Longwood Beetnik Root Stout 4.33/31/2017Rate 2.913
Longwood Berried Alive Raspberry (Framboise) 5.06/29/2013Rate 3.015812
Longwood Copper Bock 7.27/14/2003Rate 2.725
Longwood Czech Pilsner 5.57/12/2003Rate 2.73314
Longwood Doppel Bock 8.37/14/2003Rate 2.732
Longwood Dunkelweizenbrau 5.57/12/2003Rate 2.943523
Longwood Elijah 8.22/3/2016Rate 2.817
Longwood Extra Ale 5.06/29/2013Rate 2.94412
Longwood Extra Special Bitter 6.07/12/2003Rate 3.034315
Longwood Framboise 5.57/14/2003Rate 2.997910
Longwood Full Patch Pumpkin Ale 9.010/17/2013Rate 3.29829
Longwood Grisette -5/4/2015Rate 31
Longwood Independent Imperial Pilsner 6.95/22/2014Rate 3.09719
Longwood India Pale Ale 6.87/14/2003Rate 3.153030
Longwood Irish Red Ale 5.08/11/2004Rate 2.842812
Longwood Irish Stout 5.07/12/2003Rate 2.72
Longwood Island Time Lager 5.05/2/2016Rate 3.133
Longwood Marzenbier -9/11/2008Rate 2.391
Longwood Mild Brown Ale 5.07/14/2003Rate 3.061
Longwood Oatmeal Stout 5.57/14/2003Rate 2.883
Longwood Planet Nine Black IPA 6.26/14/2016Rate 2.455
Longwood Porter 5.07/14/2003Rate 2.691
Longwood Russian Imperial Stout 7.27/14/2003Rate 3.18617
Longwood Schwarzbier -5/16/2009Rate 2.924
Longwood Scotch Ale 7.27/14/2003Rate 2.734
Longwood Scottish Ale 6.57/14/2003Rate 2.943
Longwood Steam Punk Dunkelweizen (alias) -8/19/2013
Longwood Stoutnik Stout 7.55/16/2013Rate 3.183529
Longwood Stoutnik Stout - Whiskey 7.93/2/2015Rate 2.943
Longwood Super G Ginseng Cream Ale 5.08/27/2014Rate 3.067
Longwood The Big One IPA 6.57/28/2013Rate 3.071516
Longwood The One That Got Away Red Wheat 6.010/19/2013Rate 2.688
Longwood Two Penny Ale 4.07/14/2003Rate 2.837
Longwood Weizenbock 7.87/14/2003Rate 2.752
Longwood West Coast Pale Ale 5.06/27/2006Rate 3.222
Longwood Wild Child 7.010/12/2015Rate 2.96
Longwood Winter's Own Weizenbock 6.512/27/2013Rate 3.062414
Longwood Wit 4.37/14/2003Rate 0

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