Brodie’s Beers

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 100/100 4332 ratings
816 High Road, Leyton, Greater London, England E10 6AE
Places associated: King William IV (Brodies), Old Coffee House (Brodies), Cross Keys (Brodies)
Started brewing in August 2008 on the site of the Sweet William brewery at the William IV pub in Leyton. Regular outlets include the William IV, the Old Coffee House (Soho) and the Crosse Keys (Covent Garden).
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Bitches The Best Red IPA in the World
Brewed by/for Bitches
6.08/23/2013Rate 3.023
Brodies / Brew Wharf Calypso Pale (alias)
Brewed by/for Bitches
Brodies / Brew Wharf Pecan Brown (alias)
Brewed by/for Bitches
Brodies / BrewDog Clapham Southside Zester (Livin La Vida Lime Juice) 3.710/23/2014Rate 3.324527
Brodies / Cotteridge Wines Bish's APA 5.08/9/2013Rate 3.448817
Brodies / Dark Star Brodstar 5.08/8/2011Rate 3.246614
Brodies / Fanø Double Mild 6.19/11/2012Rate 3.226
Brodies / Kernel Stella for Breakfast 6.21/7/2012Rate 3.489027
Brodies / Mikkeller Big Mofo Stout 10.54/21/2012Rate 3.8384125
Brodies / Mikkeller Big Mofo Stout (Blueberry & Danish Liquorice) 10.55/6/2013Rate 3.655032
Brodies / Mikkeller Big Mofo Stout (Sour Cherry Edition) 10.511/10/2012Rate 3.362412
Brodies / Mikkeller Oyster Tea Stout 7.05/23/2013Rate 3.479732
Brodies / Steel City Mental Hop Bastard 6.28/9/2011Rate 3.297815
Brodies / Three Floyds APA 5.45/12/2013Rate 3.234
Brodies / Three Floyds Floyds ESB 5.85/10/2013Rate 3.429726
Brodies / Tres Monos 3 Monos APA 4.612/1/2014Rate 3.085
Brodies 100 Hop Rock 5.09/3/2011Rate 2.874
Brodies 60s Revival 4.03/28/2012Rate 2.81
Brodies 7-hop Session 3.73/11/2011Rate 2.947
Brodies Absolute C#%t 5.89/3/2011Rate 3.066
Brodies All Brett Citra IPA 8.06/29/2012Rate 3.525319
Brodies Amarilla 4.28/13/2009Rate 3.49847
Brodies Amarillo Pale 5.03/30/2013Rate 3.075
Brodies American Brown 4.81/29/2011Rate 3.278321
Brodies American Wheat 4.86/15/2013Rate 3.239114
Brodies Americana Fountain 4.06/6/2010Rate 2.892
Brodies Apple and Stem Ginger Porter 5.83/27/2016Rate 3.063
Brodies Archer Pale Ale 4.31/7/2016Rate 3.041
Brodies Awesomestow IPA 7.11/19/2012Rate 3.528233
Brodies Azacca Pale Ale 4.51/23/2016Rate 2.921
Brodies Baby Mild 3.03/1/2014Rate 3.14649
Brodies Baby Mild (Coffee & Cinnamon) 2.74/20/2014Rate 2.965
Brodies Baby Mild (Vanilla & Coconut) 2.74/18/2014Rate 3.094
Brodies Bah Humbug 4.012/23/2008Rate 2.961
Brodies Beers Culture Shock 5.85/23/2017Rate 3.047
Brodies Belgian Coffee Brown Ale 6.02/18/2015Rate 3.318717
Brodies Belgian Pale Ale (White Wine Barrel Aged with Brett) 5.04/20/2014Rate 3.489547
Brodies Bethnal Green Bitter 4.07/18/2011Rate 3.249658
Brodies Big Mofo Stout (Liquorice & Raspberry) 10.54/20/2014Rate 3.42269
Brodies Birra Chiara 5.03/24/2017Rate 3.095
Brodies Black APA 5.01/7/2016Rate 3.25
Brodies Black IPA (alias) 6.89/3/2011
Brodies Black IPA (Citra) 3.110/25/2014Rate 32
Brodies Blend DR9 Bitter 4.011/19/2010Rate 2.791
Brodies Blue 4.84/12/2010Rate 2.936827
Brodies Boggles Baltic Hopless 8.33/27/2016Rate 3.386
Brodies Brain Wave 3.13/13/2010Rate 3.027
Brodies Bramling Cross Pale Ale 4.53/27/2016Rate 3.052
Brodies Breakfast Stout 7.11/19/2012Rate 2.881
Brodies Brett IPA 7.611/19/2012Rate 3.254316
Brodies Brewers Gold Pale Ale 4.35/2/2011Rate 3.095
Brodies Brick 6.81/19/2012Rate 3.226
Brodies Brodacious Brown Ale 5.04/3/2015Rate 2.963
Brodies Brodenbach Grand Cru 5.04/20/2014Rate 3.292850
Brodies Brokeback Bitter 3.79/5/2010Rate 2.924
Brodies Brown Porter (alias) 6.311/21/2012
Brodies Bumble 4.52/11/2010Rate 2.853411
Brodies Californian 5.36/5/2009Rate 3.458831
Brodies Camden Town Brown IPA 6.04/6/2012Rate 3.33113
Brodies Caramel Salt Brown 6.43/13/2013Rate 3.137
Brodies Cascade Pale 5.07/13/2012Rate 3.195210
Brodies Cascade Red 4.33/2/2011Rate 2.862
Brodies Centennial Pale 5.07/13/2012Rate 3.174713
Brodies Cherry Popper 3.79/5/2010Rate 2.86
Brodies Chinook Bacon IPA 6.03/6/2014Rate 3.395446
Brodies Chinook Black Coffee Black IPA 7.42/14/2014Rate 3.588413
Brodies Chinook IPA 5.04/9/2012Rate 2.734
Brodies Chocolate Chilli Stout 6.510/25/2013Rate 3.347110
Brodies Chunky Monkey 7.13/27/2016Rate 3.367
Brodies Citra 3.14/4/2010Rate 3.49880
Brodies Citra for Breakfast 10.19/14/2012Rate 3.554518
Brodies Citra Pale Ale 5.011/10/2012Rate 3.428913
Brodies Coffee Chinook IPA 7.47/5/2012Rate 3.376519
Brodies Columbus For Breakfast 6.61/19/2012Rate 3.214
Brodies Columbus Pale 5.07/13/2012Rate 3.25316
Brodies Cosmic Karma Juice 5.05/26/2017Rate 2.952
Brodies Cranberry IPA 7.03/2/2013Rate 3.2379
Brodies Dalston Black IPA 7.09/4/2011Rate 3.6488130
Brodies Dalston Black IPA (Brett) 7.27/27/2014Rate 3.157
Brodies Dalston Black IPA (Special Simcoe Edition) 7.09/8/2012Rate 2.952
Brodies Dark Mild 4.05/25/2017Rate 3.134
Brodies Deep Fried Mars Bar 4.110/23/2009Rate 2.871
Brodies Doppel Dunkel Weisen Heisen 6.01/24/2010Rate 2.994734
Brodies Dorothy's Friend 4.19/5/2010Rate 2.786
Brodies Double IPA 9.05/26/2017Rate 3.021
Brodies Dragon Weiss 3.95/1/2011Rate 2.977811
Brodies Dry-Hopped Birthday Pale Ale 3.64/20/2011Rate 2.962
Brodies East End Red 4.010/12/2014Rate 2.871
Brodies East London Bitter 4.01/24/2010Rate 3.023
Brodies East London Gold 3.58/12/2009Rate 3.067719
Brodies Egyptian Hip Hops 4.25/2/2010Rate 2.861
Brodies El Dorado 3.91/14/2011Rate 2.841
Brodies Elderflower Lager 4.54/18/2014Rate 3.266
Brodies Elizabethan 229/4/2010Rate 3.499622
Brodies English Best 3.94/5/2009Rate 3.118428
Brodies English Pale Ale 4.52/17/2017Rate 2.933
Brodies Fountain Columbus 3.75/13/2011Rate 3.084
Brodies Funky Cold Medina 5.04/9/2012Rate 3.074
Brodies Galaxy Pale Ale 5.012/8/2012Rate 3.17
Brodies Giddy Blonde 2.79/5/2010Rate 2.955
Brodies Ginger Beer 4.82/23/2010Rate 3.044813
Brodies Ginger Beer (4.2%) 4.29/11/2012Rate 3.156212
Brodies GoGo Disco Baby 7.65/26/2017Rate 3.183
Brodies Golden Nugget 3.87/18/2011Rate 2.972
Brodies Grand Cru 8.85/1/2011Rate 3.428438
Brodies Green Bullet 3.81/14/2011Rate 2.997
Brodies Gruit Ale 4.84/9/2012Rate 3.033
Brodies Hackney Red IPA 6.17/25/2011Rate 3.5484113
Brodies Hackney Red IPA (Rosemary) 6.14/21/2014Rate 3.295
Brodies Hackney Red IPA (Sevilla Oranges) 6.110/5/2015Rate 3.131
Brodies Hackney Red IPA (Whisky Oak Chips, Cacao Nibs & Naga Chilli) 6.24/20/2014Rate 32
Brodies Herriot Watt Ale 4.34/12/2010Rate 2.881
Brodies Ho Ho Ho 5.512/16/2008Rate 2.876
Brodies Hopping Mad Series 5.54/27/2014Rate 3.055
Brodies Hoxton Special IPA 6.610/31/2011Rate 3.6494110
Brodies Ice Saison 8.19/14/2012Rate 3.084
Brodies Imperial IPA 109/2/2011Rate 3.332743
Brodies Indian Summer 4.39/23/2014Rate 3.125911
Brodies IPA 4.010/16/2008Rate 3.097933
Brodies Irish Oyster Stout 4.82/3/2011Rate 2.984
Brodies Jamaican Stout (Chilli) 5.44/18/2014Rate 3.345
Brodies Jamaican Stout (Chocolate) 5.410/7/2015Rate 3.091
Brodies Jamaican Stout (Coffee) 5.44/20/2014Rate 3.184
Brodies Jamaican Stout (Ginger) 5.44/21/2014Rate 3.075
Brodies jamaican Stout (Rum and Raisin) 5.410/6/2015Rate 3.041
Brodies Jamaican Stout 5.0% 5.06/1/2009Rate 3.376353
Brodies Jamaican Stout 5.4 5.47/10/2013Rate 3.569228
Brodies Kentish Town Brown IPA 6.29/22/2012Rate 3.444724
Brodies Kentish Town Maple Brown IPA 6.24/20/2014Rate 3.194
Brodies Kentish Town Nut Brown IPA 6.24/20/2014Rate 3.326
Brodies Kentish Town Oud Bruin 5.04/18/2014Rate 3.313145
Brodies King Charles I Fine Ale 5.09/5/2010Rate 2.962
Brodies Kiwi 3.810/2/2009Rate 3.479973
Brodies Kiwi IPA 7.25/14/2012Rate 3.548361
Brodies Kosher Rye Pale Ale 4.19/5/2010Rate 2.747
Brodies Lab Rat US Porter 5.08/8/2011Rate 2.944
Brodies Lemongrass and Ginger Pale Ale 3.94/3/2015Rate 2.892
Brodies Lemongrass Wheat 4.76/14/2014Rate 3.086
Brodies Leytonstone Stout 6.012/29/2014Rate 3.153721
Brodies London Brown Porter 6.57/22/2012Rate 3.164012
Brodies London Drinker 25 4.24/5/2009Rate 2.922
Brodies London Fields Pale Ale 4.07/18/2011Rate 3.319561
Brodies London Fields Pale Ale Cascade (alias) 5.07/22/2012
Brodies London Fields Pale Ale Columbus (alias) 5.07/22/2012
Brodies London Lager 4.56/5/2009Rate 3.169135
Brodies London Pale Ale (White Wine Barrel Aged) 4.24/9/2015Rate 3.314
Brodies London Pale Ale DR Rudi 5.011/19/2012Rate 33
Brodies London Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin 4.29/23/2014Rate 2.993
Brodies London Sour 3.89/12/2012Rate 3.273731
Brodies London Sour (Apricot Edition) 3.85/6/2013Rate 3.353540
Brodies London Sour (Black Raspberry Edition) 3.85/8/2013Rate 3.43724
Brodies London Sour (Blackberry Edition) 3.76/28/2013Rate 3.434113
Brodies London Sour (Blackcurrant Edition) 3.712/19/2013Rate 3.395040
Brodies London Sour (Blueberry Bordeaux Edition) 3.87/10/2013Rate 3.627210
Brodies London Sour (Cherry Edition) 3.611/10/2012Rate 3.031444
Brodies London Sour (Christmas Edition) 3.712/29/2014Rate 3.294118
Brodies London Sour (Clementine Edition) 3.77/17/2014Rate 3.426524
Brodies London Sour (Elderflower Edition) 3.85/4/2013Rate 3.434232
Brodies London Sour (Fruits of the Forest Edition) 3.76/22/2013Rate 3.322824
Brodies London Sour (Lime Edition) (alias) 3.711/9/2014
Brodies London Sour (Peach Edition) 3.611/10/2012Rate 3.456329
Brodies London Sour (Pear Edition) 3.46/2/2016Rate 3.278
Brodies London Sour (Pineapple Edition) 3.72/2/2013Rate 3.141436
Brodies London Sour (Raspberry Edition) 3.71/26/2013Rate 3.395073
Brodies London Sour (Red Grape Edition) 3.64/9/2016Rate 3.122110
Brodies London Sour (Redcurrant edition) 3.88/11/2014Rate 3.494617
Brodies London Sour (Redcurrant Red Wine Edition) 5.07/17/2014Rate 3.092413
Brodies London Sour (Strawberry Edition) 3.74/21/2014Rate 3.314
Brodies London Sour (Tropical Edition) 3.62/5/2016Rate 3.558221
Brodies London Sour Winter (alias) 3.73/8/2015
Brodies Londoner Weisse 4.04/10/2012Rate 2.87627
Brodies Mental Hop Bastard Two 5.04/10/2012Rate 3.095
Brodies Mentol Brown 6.512/3/2012Rate 3.23788
Brodies Mild 3.612/23/2008Rate 3.227244
Brodies Mile End Mild 3.22/20/2012Rate 2.861
Brodies Minstrel Pale Ale 4.23/27/2016Rate 3.072
Brodies Mint Choc Chip Stout 4.74/12/2010Rate 3.113613
Brodies Mocha Milk Stout 9.02/1/2013Rate 3.76145
Brodies Mocha Milk Stout (Chilli) 9.04/18/2014Rate 3.527
Brodies Mocha Milk Stout (Port Barrel Aged) 9.03/17/2013Rate 3.554114
Brodies Mocha Milk Stout (Vanilla) 9.010/5/2015Rate 3.171
Brodies Mocha Milk Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.04/27/2013Rate 3.624654
Brodies Mocha Milk Stout Rum Edition 9.03/15/2013Rate 3.376
Brodies Mojito Pale 6.22/28/2013Rate 3.138710
Brodies Mosaic 3.93/15/2015Rate 3.255
Brodies Mosaic For Breakfast 10.33/27/2016Rate 3.371711
Brodies Mosaic Pale Ale 5.03/31/2013Rate 3.397711
Brodies Motueka IPA 5.04/21/2012Rate 3.024
Brodies Nelson Pale 5.04/9/2012Rate 3.088
Brodies New Dog Old Tricks 5.88/6/2012Rate 3.26459
Brodies Noisome Cru (alias) 8.85/1/2011
Brodies Oaked English 7 Hop 7.09/4/2011Rate 2.89711
Brodies Oatmeal Pale Ale 4.34/3/2015Rate 3.017
Brodies Oatmeal Pale Ale - Centennial & Cascade 4.34/6/2015Rate 2.963
Brodies Oatmeal Pale Ale - Chinook & Columbus 4.34/3/2015Rate 3.186
Brodies Oatmeal Pale Ale - Mosaic & Waimea 4.34/3/2015Rate 2.996
Brodies Old Fountain Hop Mountain 7.711/25/2010Rate 2.911
Brodies Old Hoppers Brew 3.81/24/2010Rate 3.169419
Brodies Old Street IPA 6.411/27/2011Rate 3.578929
Brodies Old Street Pale Ale 5.04/9/2012Rate 3.438578
Brodies Olde Ardour 5.76/5/2009Rate 34
Brodies Only Human 1310/13/2013Rate 3.231819
Brodies Orange & Lemon Saison 6.04/16/2013Rate 3.186
Brodies Organic Belgian Ale 3.912/20/2011Rate 2.823
Brodies Organic Transition Ale 4.14/6/2012Rate 3.29318
Brodies Orient 4.01/24/2010Rate 2.842
Brodies Pacific Gem Pale 5.07/13/2012Rate 3.084010
Brodies Passion 3.86/12/2010Rate 3.078618
Brodies Peanut Butter Mild 3.89/2/2011Rate 2.675
Brodies Pecan Pale 4.75/5/2010Rate 2.811021
Brodies Peppermint Pale Ale 5.510/6/2015Rate 2.961
Brodies Piccadilly Pale Ale 3.810/7/2015Rate 3.429824
Brodies Piggy Winkles Christmas Tinkle 3.91/24/2010Rate 2.862
Brodies Pilsner 5.03/27/2016Rate 3.111
Brodies Pina Colada Porter 4.22/3/2011Rate 34
Brodies Pink IPA 6.76/16/2012Rate 3.022
Brodies Pink Pride 3.41/29/2010Rate 2.916629
Brodies Polska 6.09/5/2010Rate 3.034011
Brodies Pomegranate Pale Ale 4.19/3/2011Rate 2.733
Brodies Pride of St George 5.35/12/2010Rate 3.147113
Brodies Pumpkin Porter 5.511/20/2013Rate 3.348918
Brodies Rakau Rye 4.28/14/2011Rate 2.772413
Brodies Red 4.310/16/2008Rate 3.279515
Brodies Republic Revolution 4.04/28/2011Rate 3.024
Brodies Republican Revolution IPA 6.14/29/2011Rate 3.166
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout 12.112/8/2009Rate 3.675448
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout - Bourbon Aged 12.14/3/2015Rate 3.094
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout (BA Whisky Blend) 12.14/20/2014Rate 3.526
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout (Rum barrelled) 127/10/2013Rate 3.698
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Jack Daniels BA 12.17/13/2012Rate 3.594918
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Jack Daniels/Jim Beam BA 12.16/30/2013Rate 3.474
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Jim Beam BA 12.17/13/2012Rate 3.574717
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Laphroaig BA 12.17/13/2012Rate 3.493617
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Port BA 12.15/6/2013Rate 3.726825
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Rioja BA 12.13/3/2012Rate 3.456
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Speyside BA 12.17/13/2012Rate 3.336
Brodies Romanov Empress Stout Whisky BA 12.13/3/2012Rate 3.768044
Brodies Ruby London Porter 3.85/1/2011Rate 2.981812
Brodies Rye Pale Ale Red 6.13/9/2012Rate 2.91
Brodies Saison 5.59/2/2011Rate 2.95
Brodies Saison Citrons 6.58/5/2015Rate 3.35479
Brodies Sake IPA 8.04/13/2013Rate 2.97119
Brodies Saki IPA 6.66/15/2013Rate 3.15
Brodies Sasquatch 5.311/4/2012Rate 2.941
Brodies Session Black IPA 3.19/23/2014Rate 3.287
Brodies Session IPA 2.71/21/2014Rate 3.185
Brodies Seven Hop IPA 7.79/5/2010Rate 3.243615
Brodies Shoreditch Sunshine 3.810/16/2011Rate 3.449949
Brodies Silver Bullet 4.79/5/2011Rate 3.026
Brodies Simcoe for Breakfast 105/14/2012Rate 3.787756
Brodies Simcoe Pale Ale 5.06/24/2012Rate 3.448511
Brodies Simcoe Sunshine 3.99/27/2013Rate 3.077
Brodies Smoked Amber Beer 4.34/3/2015Rate 3.144
Brodies Smoked Amber Chipotle Extreme 4.64/8/2015Rate 3.034
Brodies Smoked Amber with Naga Chilli 4.34/5/2015Rate 2.946
Brodies Smoked Rye Porter 7.37/15/2012Rate 3.669847
Brodies Soho Superior IPA 7.48/20/2015Rate 3.354810
Brodies Special 4.56/5/2009Rate 3.159317
Brodies Special Red IPA (alias) 6.14/29/2011
Brodies Special Weisen 5.68/8/2013Rate 2.962
Brodies Spiced Saison 7.01/27/2013Rate 3.278
Brodies Stella 6.612/28/2011Rate 2.91
Brodies Stepney Green Steam 4.22/25/2012Rate 3.299722
Brodies Sting In The Tale 6.64/9/2012Rate 3.24
Brodies Summer Berry Brew 3.55/1/2011Rate 2.616
Brodies Summer Saison 8.01/19/2012Rate 3.178
Brodies Summer Stout 2.87/28/2010Rate 3.144014
Brodies Sunshine 4.06/5/2009Rate 3.319516
Brodies Super Sexy Space Time (alias) 5.05/26/2017
Brodies Super Summer Lite 1.98/8/2011Rate 2.93
Brodies Superior London Porter 7.84/11/2009Rate 3.646252
Brodies Superior London Porter (10+%) 107/16/2011Rate 3.524414
Brodies The Colnel 4.19/4/2011Rate 2.912
Brodies Topaz Pale Ale 4.011/8/2012Rate 3.223
Brodies Triple 13.32/3/2011Rate 3.082312
Brodies Vanilla Amarilla 4.24/3/2015Rate 3.067
Brodies West Coast Common 4.59/3/2011Rate 2.993
Brodies West End Best (4.0%) 4.08/11/2011Rate 3.229516
Brodies West End Best (4.5%) 4.52/7/2012Rate 2.952
Brodies Whisky Barrel Scotch Ale 9.94/9/2012Rate 3.033
Brodies White IPA (5%) 5.012/28/2012Rate 2.932
Brodies White IPA (7.2%) 7.27/13/2012Rate 3.284613
Brodies Whitechapel Weizen 4.59/5/2011Rate 3.268521
Brodies Wild Mild 4.01/24/2010Rate 2.934
Brodies Willamette Pale 5.04/9/2012Rate 2.913
Brodies William IV RSM 6.05/29/2013Rate 2.671
Brodies Wimbledon (- 2013) 3.38/19/2010Rate 2.894213
Brodies Wimbledon (2014-) 3.87/6/2014Rate 2.984
Brodies Winter Saison 8.04/6/2012Rate 3.117
Brodies Wit 4.26/5/2009Rate 2.732421

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