Six Bells

Brew Pub/Brewery
Six Bells, Church Street, Bishops Castle, Shropshire, England SY9 5AA
Pub: 1200-1430 (
not Mon)
& 1700-2300 Mon to Fri
1200-2300 Sat
1200-1530 & 1900-2230 Sun

Associated place: Six Bells (Six Bells)
Founded January 1997. Brewed, and always available, at the Six Bells pub. Supplies a number of other pubs but regular outlets are not known.
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Six Bells 1859 4.44/13/2008Rate 3.132
Six Bells Aquarius 3.92/15/2014Rate 2.791
Six Bells Aries 4.33/30/2013Rate 2.861
Six Bells At Ten Shun 4.21/30/2010Rate 2.95
Six Bells Back 2 Basics 4.311/8/2014Rate 2.831
Six Bells Big Nev's Glittery Balls 4.412/14/2010Rate 2.93
Six Bells Big Nevs 3.83/20/2004Rate 2.88369
Six Bells Bits n Bobs 4.111/5/2014Rate 2.861
Six Bells Black Echo 4.34/22/2015Rate 3.072
Six Bells Blob On 4.04/28/2012Rate 2.813
Six Bells Bobby Dazzler 4.04/24/2011Rate 2.811
Six Bells Bottom 4.37/16/2007Rate 2.972
Six Bells Brass Monkey 4.41/25/2010Rate 2.811
Six Bells Bursting Out 4.36/25/2010Rate 2.792
Six Bells Cancer 3.96/22/2013Rate 2.831
Six Bells Christmas Crack 4.212/28/2012Rate 0
Six Bells Cloud Nine 4.23/20/2004Rate 3.087814
Six Bells Dark Angel 5.69/22/2016Rate 3.112
Six Bells Detox 3.51/31/2016Rate 32
Six Bells Dozen It Taste Lovely 3.96/11/2012Rate 2.83
Six Bells Duck & Dive 4.610/19/2004Rate 2.832
Six Bells Festival Pale 4.48/4/2008Rate 2.744
Six Bells Fork Handles 4.710/10/2011Rate 2.841
Six Bells Giggin 4.66/14/2015Rate 31
Six Bells Goldings BB (Best Bitter) 4.011/29/2005Rate 2.953
Six Bells Happy Daze 4.28/29/2010Rate 2.892
Six Bells Harry Porter 4.911/16/2009Rate 3.234
Six Bells It Is What It Is 4.86/22/2016Rate 2.972
Six Bells Karma 4.49/22/2016Rate 32
Six Bells Marathon Ale 4.07/5/2009Rate 2.92
Six Bells Mayfare 4.35/27/2010Rate 2.81
Six Bells Michaelmas Tipple 4.310/8/2008Rate 31
Six Bells Nelson's Mandala 3.810/28/2017Rate 0
Six Bells Noel Noire 4.31/24/2015Rate 2.811
Six Bells Noggin 4.211/27/2009Rate 2.972
Six Bells Oh Nein! 4.27/2/2009Rate 2.792
Six Bells Old Castle Stout 4.08/4/2008Rate 2.944
Six Bells Old Recumbent 5.211/18/2008Rate 3.181
Six Bells Ow Do! 4.05/9/2011Rate 3.18
Six Bells Ow JULY Kit? 4.47/26/2011Rate 2.862
Six Bells Pickwick 4.12/25/2012Rate 2.81
Six Bells Renascence 5.62/16/2016Rate 2.871
Six Bells Revive 3.46/8/2015Rate 2.941
Six Bells Sagittarius 4.112/29/2013Rate 2.81
Six Bells Smouldering 4.211/10/2015Rate 3.021
Six Bells Spellbound 4.12/23/2010Rate 2.752
Six Bells Spikey Blonde 4.05/3/2015Rate 2.95
Six Bells Spring Forward 4.44/13/2008Rate 2.874
Six Bells Summer Loving 3.97/25/2013Rate 2.841
Six Bells Sutra 4.69/22/2016Rate 32
Six Bells Taurus 4.65/5/2013Rate 2.81
Six Bells Winning Webb 4.310/6/2015Rate 3.033
Six Bells Zen 5.54/30/2015Rate 32

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