Shoreline 78 RPM -6/15/2007Rate 2.864
Shoreline Anniversary Ale -11/7/2010Rate 3.054
Shoreline Atomic #29 8.09/9/2013Rate 3.145
Shoreline Bah Humbug Spiced Ale 6.56/9/2006Rate 2.912
Shoreline Barrel Aged Singing Toad -12/16/2006Rate 3.078
Shoreline Barrel Aged Worker Bee Imperial Stout -11/17/2013Rate 3.333
Shoreline Barrel Series Frumentaceous Vinum (Wheat Whiskey) -6/22/2014Rate 2.931
Shoreline Barrel Series Lost Sailor (Brandy) 8.56/22/2014Rate 2.871
Shoreline Barrel Series Lost Sailor (Rye Whiskey) 8.56/22/2014Rate 2.841
Shoreline Batch 200 Black IPA 7.212/11/2009Rate 2.995
Shoreline Batch 300 Imperial Pilsner 8.65/19/2012Rate 2.861
Shoreline Bavarian Bombshell 7.22/18/2007Rate 3.399412
Shoreline Beltaine Scottish Ale 4.79/11/2005Rate 3.227553
Shoreline Bennys American Pale Ale 5.49/11/2005Rate 3.224831
Shoreline Big Bella Heavy Scotch Ale 10.512/17/2006Rate 31516
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series 3 Sum Double IPA 9.07/22/2009Rate 3.44329
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Big Bella Scotch Ale 118/21/2007Rate 3.669564
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Curse the Goat Dopplebock 108/13/2007Rate 3.559531
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Discombobulation Celebration Ale 138/22/2007Rate 3.729073
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Goat on Rye Dopplebock 108/13/2007Rate 3.59115
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Lost Sailor Imperial Stout 128/18/2007Rate 3.8688113
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Smokestack Porter 6.27/22/2009Rate 3.458535
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Sum Cens Double IPA 1011/21/2010Rate 3.094
Shoreline Big Bourbon Series Sum Nug IPA 6.77/22/2009Rate 3.366327
Shoreline Bleacher Bum -7/19/2009Rate 2.81
Shoreline Brandy Barreled Big Bella Heavy Scotch Ale 10.55/9/2012Rate 3.25
Shoreline Chester Brown Ale -7/6/2006Rate 3.074915
Shoreline Cluster Phuch -1/7/2008Rate 3.324010
Shoreline Curse the Goat Doppel Bock 9.56/9/2006Rate 3.48024
Shoreline Dim Wit -8/12/2006Rate 2.82717
Shoreline Discombobulation Celebration Ale 10.111/23/2005Rate 3.364216
Shoreline Don’t Panic 5.29/11/2005Rate 3.115612
Shoreline Dont Panic! English Pale Ale -4/17/2007Rate 2.914329
Shoreline Drunken Toad -6/9/2006Rate 3.132
Shoreline Dummkopf IPA -2/26/2009Rate 3.24
Shoreline Espresso Stout (Saint of Circumstance) 4.012/11/2009Rate 2.811
Shoreline Euphonic Brew 5.83/28/2010Rate 3.377
Shoreline Exponential Ale 7.23/28/2010Rate 3.446814
Shoreline Foggy Loggy Lager 4.49/11/2005Rate 2.839914
Shoreline Frumentaceous Vinum -5/19/2012Rate 2.943
Shoreline Imperial Raspberry 10.53/28/2010Rate 3.268
Shoreline Kaiserleich Pilz Imperial Pilsner -8/7/2013Rate 2.872
Shoreline Kolsch Syrah-Syrah -2/26/2009Rate 2.956
Shoreline Leaper American Pale Ale -4/26/2008Rate 3.236311
Shoreline Lost Sailor Imperial Stout 102/25/2007Rate 3.62499
Shoreline Lost Sailor on the Corn -11/17/2013Rate 2.861
Shoreline Ly.Co.Ki.We Kolsch -7/6/2006Rate 3.077230
Shoreline No Nug IPA -2/26/2009Rate 3.238
Shoreline Novemberfest -10/27/2008Rate 3.213
Shoreline Octobarfest 6.511/13/2006Rate 3.168512
Shoreline One Hit One-Da -3/30/2008Rate 3.146
Shoreline Pinhook Pilsner -6/10/2006Rate 3.173
Shoreline Queen Mum IPA 6.59/11/2005Rate 3.041620
Shoreline Red Wine Aged Imperial Raspberry -8/20/2011Rate 3.268810
Shoreline Region Rat Red Ale -11/5/2005Rate 2.944314
Shoreline Relentless Winter Baltic Porter -8/6/2014Rate 0
Shoreline Rillo on the Rye -11/17/2013Rate 0
Shoreline Rillo Rye 1511/26/2007Rate 3.475913
Shoreline Rye Barreled Big Bella Heavy Scotch Ale 115/16/2012Rate 3.415
Shoreline Samuel Jackson’s Black IPA (alias) -1/2/2011
Shoreline Sesh Wheat Ale -4/6/2007Rate 3.18217
Shoreline Seven Red on Red (Shiraz Barrel Aged) -11/7/2010Rate 3.16
Shoreline Seven Red Rye Ale -10/27/2008Rate 3.246812
Shoreline Shoddy Dock Session IPA 4.78/4/2015Rate 3.122
Shoreline Singing Sands Oatmeal Stout 5.79/11/2005Rate 3.354838
Shoreline Singing Toad Bourbon Blend (alias) 1012/26/2006
Shoreline Smokestack Porter 5.52/18/2007Rate 3.224621
Shoreline Spontaneous Ale 6.85/8/2015Rate 3.021
Shoreline Spontaneous with Eldorado Hops 7.210/14/2016Rate 3.122
Shoreline Stella Blue 4.78/24/2006Rate 37624
Shoreline Sum Cens Imperial IPA -7/11/2008Rate 3.225
Shoreline Sum Nug IPA -6/21/2006Rate 3.375751
Shoreline Three Sum IIPA 8.02/18/2007Rate 3.373721
Shoreline Worker Bee Imperial Stout -5/7/2012Rate 3.043

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