Bottleworks VIII (8th) Anniversary - Laphroaig Barrel 10.912/7/2007Rate 3.629311
Flyers Afterburner IPA 6.02/11/2007Rate 3.122650
Flyers Afterburner Mach 2 6.08/26/2006Rate 3.56710
Flyers Almond Rocha Brown Ale -2/7/2011Rate 2.881
Flyers Balloon Buster Dubbel 7.84/19/2014Rate 3.084
Flyers Barnstormer Brown Ale 5.02/21/2007Rate 3.165514
Flyers Bottleworks VIII (8th) Anniversary Oak Aged Scotch Ale 10.92/19/2007Rate 3.689697
Flyers Cab Ride 11.55/7/2010Rate 3.365
Flyers Catalina Common Lager 4.02/21/2007Rate 3.052
Flyers Co-Pilot Stout -11/2/2009Rate 3.042
Flyers Crash and Burn Smoked Stout -12/19/2012Rate 2.831
Flyers Daybreak Breakfast Stout -2/9/2011Rate 3.223818
Flyers F-10 Skynight CDA 6.22/11/2016Rate 2.921
Flyers F8 Crusader IRA 7.012/22/2013Rate 2.911
Flyers First Flight Amber Ale 4.511/21/2005Rate 2.883411
Flyers Flyer Tuck Strong Pale 8.55/11/2007Rate 3.28369
Flyers Fork Tailed Devil Double IPA 9.05/30/2011Rate 3.056
Flyers Heat Seeker Hefe 4.02/21/2007Rate 3.148212
Flyers Hop Duster IPA -2/20/2011Rate 2.771
Flyers Humbles Blonde Ale 3.511/21/2005Rate 2.843413
Flyers Kentucky Überwine 10.53/12/2010Rate 3.454913
Flyers Loopty Loop Lager -9/16/2007Rate 2.933
Flyers Low Vis White IPA 6.52/27/2013Rate 3.033
Flyers Mach 4 IPA -9/10/2009Rate 3.032
Flyers Mile High Summer Rye 6.07/27/2012Rate 3.185
Flyers Pacemaker Porter 5.56/18/2006Rate 3.549266
Flyers PBY Pale Ale -11/10/2009Rate 2.831
Flyers Penn Cove Pale Ale -5/1/2010Rate 32
Flyers Penn Cove Pils 2.55/3/2014Rate 2.834
Flyers Plan B -7/7/2008Rate 2.844
Flyers Proptoberfest 6.010/4/2010Rate 3.016
Flyers Red Pepper Porter -2/8/2010Rate 2.962
Flyers Sick Duck Imperial Stout 102/21/2007Rate 3.63024
Flyers Sick Duck Imperial Stout - Barrel Aged & Vanilla 101/26/2009Rate 2.972
Flyers Sick Duck Imperial Stout - Rum Barrel 117/7/2008Rate 3.43339
Flyers Spitfire Bitter 4.010/2/2006Rate 3.149313
Flyers The Whale Golden Ale -5/1/2010Rate 2.81
Flyers Younts Small Beer 5.03/15/2013Rate 2.871

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