Hopworks Urban Brewery

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 98/100 2801 ratings
2944 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, Oregon, USA 97202
Places associated: Hopworks Urban Brewery, Hopworks BikeBar, Hopworks Urban Brewery - Vancouver

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Hopworks / Commons Totally Invasive 5.37/16/2016Rate 3.091
Hopworks / Craftwerk Battle of the Paddle 5.812/13/2015Rate 31
Hopworks / Migration Best of Intentions 5.612/14/2016Rate 3.091
Hopworks / New Belgium B-Side 5.59/4/2015Rate 3.32
Hopworks / Stone Sticks and Stones 5.35/20/2015Rate 3.44415
Hopworks / Wayfinder Tiny Bubbles 4.98/29/2016Rate 3.384
Hopworks 1883 Lager 5.06/21/2015Rate 3.072
Hopworks 2 Fest, 2 Furious 8.512/8/2015Rate 2.972
Hopworks Abominable Winter Ale 7.311/21/2007Rate 3.6586247
Hopworks Abominable Winter Ale - Gin Barrel 7.74/30/2015Rate 31
Hopworks Ace of Spades 9.28/30/2009Rate 3.8496170
Hopworks Ace of Spades - Bourbon Barrel 9.29/9/2011Rate 3.154
Hopworks Anniversary Cream Ale 5.05/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Army of Darkness -5/14/2012Rate 3.494011
Hopworks Astral Wavelength 4.53/3/2017Rate 3.041
Hopworks Bagby 6.111/14/2013Rate 2.871
Hopworks Baltic Crude Porter -5/13/2008Rate 3.347
Hopworks Batch 300 7.08/17/2009Rate 2.952
Hopworks Belgian Tripel 8.011/30/2013Rate 3.127
Hopworks Belgian-Style Abbey Ale 8.55/27/2012Rate 3.184911
Hopworks Belgian-Style Abbey Apple Ale 5.84/20/2009Rate 3.178814
Hopworks Belgian-Style Abbey Red Apple Ale 7.011/13/2015Rate 3.13
Hopworks Belgian-Style Pale Ale 6.08/31/2012Rate 3.429418
Hopworks Belgian-Style Saison Ale 6.610/2/2016Rate 3.041
Hopworks Berliner Weisse 4.95/30/2012Rate 3.343
Hopworks Big Poppa 8.84/16/2016Rate 3.321
Hopworks Bike Beer Kolsch-Style Ale 4.76/21/2010Rate 3.179313
Hopworks Bike Beer Northwest IPA -9/20/2009Rate 3.16
Hopworks Bitchin Camaro 5.710/29/2014Rate 2.871
Hopworks Black Dragon Oat Stout 4.65/1/2013Rate 3.226
Hopworks Blosser Bomb 7.33/12/2013Rate 32
Hopworks Blosser Bomb - Pinot Barrel -5/6/2013Rate 2.982
Hopworks Bonfire Session Ale 4.34/22/2011Rate 3.022
Hopworks Boomstick 8.912/3/2012Rate 3.174
Hopworks British Invasion UK IPA 6.45/5/2014Rate 3.264110
Hopworks Brouwer’s 6th Anniversary Imperial Oatmeal Stout 10.54/16/2011Rate 3.76215
Hopworks Captain Jack’s Lucky 13 Championship IPA 6.93/26/2016Rate 3.182
Hopworks Cedarcalifragilistic 8.512/5/2016Rate 3.131
Hopworks Chainsaw Stout 6.05/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Chop Chop Cherry Doppelbock 8.33/3/2017Rate 3.041
Hopworks Chupacabra Chili Stout 5.36/28/2011Rate 2.871
Hopworks Cool Grand ESB (1000th batch) 3.92/6/2012Rate 2.741
Hopworks Cranperry 5.512/12/2016Rate 3.041
Hopworks Crosstown Pale Ale 5.33/26/2008Rate 3.336847
Hopworks Cultivator Doppelbock 7.53/26/2008Rate 3.28
Hopworks Czech Style Pilsner (alias) -3/23/2008
Hopworks Dark Helmet 5.012/19/2010Rate 2.974
Hopworks Deluxe Organic Ale (DOA) 6.91/27/2008Rate 3.4246112
Hopworks Deluxe Organic Ale (DOA) - Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.57/18/2009Rate 3.37449
Hopworks Diablato 115/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Diablito 6.05/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Diablito - Oregon Oak Aged -10/23/2009Rate 2.982
Hopworks Doppelbock 8.23/16/2014Rate 32
Hopworks Double Down Doppelsticke 8.16/23/2016Rate 3.061
Hopworks Double Secret Probation 6.39/1/2015Rate 3.073
Hopworks Dubbel Suplex 8.13/24/2009Rate 0
Hopworks Earth Day Ale 4.55/13/2010Rate 2.92
Hopworks Eis Eis Baby 12.22/11/2014Rate 3.013
Hopworks El Diablo 8.93/27/2008Rate 3.244312
Hopworks El Gourdo 2: Electric Boogaloo 6.510/20/2012Rate 2.913
Hopworks Evelyn Radshine 3.78/17/2015Rate 3.122
Hopworks Evelyns Sunshine Imperial IPA 7.612/14/2008Rate 3.343412
Hopworks Ferocious Citrus IPA 6.23/16/2017Rate 3.385112
Hopworks Fest of Fury 5.610/10/2008Rate 36
Hopworks Fight for Your Rye’t 3.56/3/2013Rate 0
Hopworks For Those About to Bock -9/7/2010Rate 2.813
Hopworks Fortworks Bale Out Imperial IPA 7.03/3/2017Rate 3.041
Hopworks Fruit Cocktail 5.210/13/2014Rate 2.791
Hopworks Galactic Imperial Red 9.55/10/2010Rate 3.638482
Hopworks Gayle’s Fresh Hop Pale 5.85/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Gear Up IPA 6.65/6/2016Rate 3.416030
Hopworks Gigabit IPA 5.95/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Give Me Liberty 4.610/29/2011Rate 3.015
Hopworks Go Fly A Kuyt 4.98/20/2014Rate 2.883
Hopworks Golden Grapefruit 6.39/4/2015Rate 2.961
Hopworks Goldilock’s Fresh Hop Golden 4.25/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Green Loop IPA 7.05/7/2017Rate 3.041
Hopworks Hard Cider 6.85/24/2015Rate 3.018
Hopworks Heller Bock -6/15/2011Rate 2.82
Hopworks Hellifiknow 5.98/2/2016Rate 3.052
Hopworks Hey Porter! 5.112/17/2011Rate 2.791
Hopworks HUB Lager 5.112/17/2007Rate 3.2292123
Hopworks I Am a Golden Grapefruit 6.38/17/2015Rate 3.052
Hopworks I Am A Jelly Donut 4.18/6/2014Rate 3.084
Hopworks Imperial Porter - Barrel Aged -12/9/2011Rate 3.193
Hopworks Incredible Abominable of the Enchanted Barrel 9.012/6/2014Rate 3.145
Hopworks Inspiration Alt 6.011/30/2013Rate 2.952
Hopworks IPA 6.66/10/2007Rate 3.6393340
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - 07270 6.04/30/2015Rate 3.333
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Ahtanum 6.06/14/2014Rate 3.385416
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Amarillo 6.05/17/2013Rate 3.477917
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Azacca 6.08/29/2016Rate 3.165
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Bravo 6.011/30/2013Rate 2.881
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Cascade 6.57/20/2012Rate 3.436632
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Centennial 6.07/31/2013Rate 3.58025
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Chinook 6.03/6/2014Rate 3.558611
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Citra A$$ Down 6.510/2/2012Rate 2.871
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - El Dorado 6.01/25/2016Rate 3.273914
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Falconer’s Flight 6.611/11/2012Rate 3.023
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Fuggin A IPA 6.09/17/2013Rate 3.427122
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Meridian 6.57/22/2012Rate 2.81
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Mosaic 6.012/12/2016Rate 3.061
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Mt. Hood 6.01/7/2015Rate 3.416117
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Pallisade 6.03/6/2014Rate 2.841
Hopworks IPX Single Hop - Simcoe 6.06/7/2015Rate 3.487619
Hopworks Jackie Treehorn 4.83/6/2014Rate 3.315
Hopworks Keller Dweller 5.112/12/2012Rate 2.871
Hopworks Kentucky Christmas 7.011/30/2007Rate 3.628421
Hopworks Kick Off Spring Ale (alias) -8/30/2012
Hopworks Kronan the Barbarian 8.312/3/2009Rate 3.333911
Hopworks Kronan the Bourbarian 9.25/15/2011Rate 3.357
Hopworks Library Lager 5.010/25/2014Rate 2.862
Hopworks Long Root Ale 5.55/27/2017Rate 2.973
Hopworks Made Marion 4.18/17/2015Rate 2.941
Hopworks Maibock 6.55/18/2012Rate 3.021
Hopworks Mandarina 5.11/11/2015Rate 2.861
Hopworks Mash Tun Time Machine 6.61/30/2016Rate 3.344
Hopworks Midnight in PDX 5.35/19/2014Rate 3.054
Hopworks Motherland 9.811/21/2013Rate 3.76072
Hopworks Motherland - Barrel Aged 9.86/1/2015Rate 3.343
Hopworks Muscles from Brussels Belgian Dark Ale 8.15/13/2011Rate 3.023
Hopworks Noggin Floggin Barleywine 1112/13/2011Rate 3.394152
Hopworks Noggin Floggin Barleywine - Bourbon Barrel 9.511/17/2008Rate 3.293422
Hopworks Nonstop Hefe Hop 3.81/11/2015Rate 3.258451
Hopworks Notorious F.I.G. 8.87/26/2014Rate 3.012
Hopworks Organic Granola Ale 4.25/19/2013Rate 2.841
Hopworks Paledemort 6.03/4/2016Rate 0
Hopworks Parsec Pale Ale 6.510/10/2008Rate 3.016
Hopworks Party! In the Name of Art (alias) 5.112/28/2012
Hopworks Pickathon IPA 6.08/8/2011Rate 3.062
Hopworks Pig War NW Style Ale 8.012/11/2010Rate 3.212528
Hopworks Pig War San Juan India Pale Ale (alias) 6.01/23/2013
Hopworks Pig War White IPA 6.01/25/2013Rate 3.487494
Hopworks Piledriver 8.55/14/2012Rate 3.146
Hopworks Pink Drink 9.06/15/2014Rate 3.213
Hopworks POG IPA 6.68/29/2016Rate 3.061
Hopworks Potlatch -10/15/2010Rate 2.881
Hopworks Powell Estates IPA 6.610/2/2014Rate 2.871
Hopworks Radlerita 3.06/21/2015Rate 3.023
Hopworks Radlerweizen 3.52/7/2015Rate 2.883
Hopworks Razzle Dazzle 4.14/22/2016Rate 2.966
Hopworks Red 5.79/25/2007Rate 3.355912
Hopworks Red Card Premier Ale 4.411/11/2012Rate 2.762
Hopworks Revolver Single Hop Pale Ale 5.12/28/2011Rate 2.841
Hopworks Rise-Up Red Ale 5.85/6/2010Rate 3.5499128
Hopworks Saison 6.66/21/2014Rate 3.162
Hopworks Saison de Ocho 6.02/27/2010Rate 2.875
Hopworks Salt N’Pepa 4.58/12/2016Rate 2.932
Hopworks San Juan Estate 5.51/23/2015Rate 2.964
Hopworks Sasquatch Strong Ale 6.93/8/2009Rate 3.237
Hopworks Secession Black India Pale Ale (alias) 6.56/28/2009
Hopworks Secession Cascadian Dark Ale 6.56/28/2009Rate 3.6489138
Hopworks Secret Alt 5.78/26/2008Rate 3.087
Hopworks Senor Saul T. Gose 5.53/3/2017Rate 3.061
Hopworks Sod Buster -10/31/2009Rate 2.892
Hopworks Sparkle and Pop 5.65/7/2017Rate 2.921
Hopworks Sprechen ze Stout 5.112/26/2009Rate 3.063
Hopworks Spring Fling 5.63/3/2017Rate 3.022
Hopworks Steam Beer -6/7/2008Rate 2.994
Hopworks Strawbarbalicous 5.98/30/2016Rate 3.061
Hopworks Strong Bad the Belgianator 8.05/20/2015Rate 3.367
Hopworks Summer’s End 5.29/7/2013Rate 3.014
Hopworks Survival 7-Grain Stout 5.33/23/2008Rate 3.6396261
Hopworks Sweet Peach 9.06/15/2014Rate 2.91
Hopworks Table Manners 4.812/12/2016Rate 3.041
Hopworks Terry Porter 6.05/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks The Freshmaker 6.09/20/2014Rate 2.911
Hopworks The Hessian 7.010/19/2013Rate 2.881
Hopworks The Spirit of the 90’s 5.55/2/2015Rate 3.245
Hopworks Totally Radler 2.68/27/2014Rate 2.989810
Hopworks Two Tickets to Pearadise 5.07/24/2013Rate 3.365
Hopworks U Bahn 5.15/18/2012Rate 0
Hopworks Ultimate IPA 6.412/28/2013Rate 3.113
Hopworks Urban Double Vision 8.54/3/2017Rate 3.223
Hopworks Urban Massive Peach IPA 7.51/13/2017Rate 3.061
Hopworks Urban Pog IPA 6.67/16/2016Rate 3.041
Hopworks Urban Xocolatl Xake Up Belgian Quad 9.81/13/2017Rate 3.232
Hopworks Urban, Portland secession cascadian dark ale 6.53/31/2017Rate 1
Hopworks Vancouver IPA 7.23/3/2017Rate 3.111
Hopworks Velvet ESB 5.23/27/2008Rate 3.319674
Hopworks Velvet Underground 8.77/31/2010Rate 3.196
Hopworks Washoeweizen 5.77/8/2008Rate 3.071
Hopworks Wave Train 5.91/26/2017Rate 3.134
Hopworks What The Helles? 4.07/31/2010Rate 2.91
Hopworks Ye Old Ale 8.51/11/2015Rate 32
Hopworks Yellow Card Premier Ale 5.24/9/2012Rate 2.862
Patagonia Long Root Ale 5.510/12/2016Rate 3.368714

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