Green Mill

Brew Pub/Brewery
Harewood Arms, 2 Market Street, Broadbottom, Greater Manchester, England SK14 6AX
Associated place: Harewood Arms (Green Mill)
Commenced July 2007 at Queensway Snooker Club, Well I Th Lane, Rochdale. Moved to The Cask & Feather in 2010. In 2013 moved to The Harewood Arms in Broadbottom, Manchester.
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Green Mill / Stockport Pilot 4.53/22/2016Rate 2.982
Green Mill A Bitter T'Ale 4.07/22/2010Rate 2.813
Green Mill Anthracite 3.89/3/2011Rate 2.831
Green Mill Back in Black 5.01/17/2014Rate 2.771
Green Mill Bewitched 4.08/24/2008Rate 2.922
Green Mill Big Chief 5.26/4/2009Rate 3.05479
Green Mill Black Ops 4.511/11/2016Rate 3.042
Green Mill Brew 101 5.511/23/2009Rate 2.811
Green Mill Bunny Boiler 4.48/20/2014Rate 2.791
Green Mill Cats Whiskers 4.03/1/2014Rate 2.791
Green Mill Chief 4.26/2/2009Rate 3.135
Green Mill Chocolate Mild 3.85/28/2009Rate 2.881
Green Mill Citrus Snap 4.23/12/2012Rate 3.116
Green Mill Crescent Festival Ale 4.55/3/2010Rate 2.833
Green Mill Delta Star 5.26/28/2014Rate 2.741
Green Mill Ella 4.012/16/2014Rate 2.932
Green Mill Enebro 4.16/9/2016Rate 3.122
Green Mill Etherow 3.410/19/2017Rate 2.831
Green Mill Flavia 4.56/17/2014Rate 3.022
Green Mill Fusion 3.98/30/2009Rate 2.811
Green Mill Gibble Gabble 4.68/20/2014Rate 2.761
Green Mill Gold 3.611/19/2007Rate 2.876
Green Mill Hop Crop 3.97/6/2008Rate 31
Green Mill Northern Lights 4.511/24/2009Rate 3.1529
Green Mill Old Git 4.25/23/2013Rate 2.812
Green Mill On The Tiles 4.87/28/2016Rate 2.961
Green Mill Pearly Gates 5.010/12/2007Rate 2.824
Green Mill Polaris 4.35/22/2015Rate 34
Green Mill Pot Black Porter 4.21/7/2012Rate 3.072
Green Mill Pumpkin Ale 4.411/13/2015Rate 2.891
Green Mill Raspberry Porter 4.61/21/2015Rate 2.932
Green Mill Red Dragon Mild 3.84/23/2008Rate 3.064
Green Mill Rudolph's Ruin 4.512/26/2016Rate 2.921
Green Mill Rum Do 5.05/22/2011Rate 2.841
Green Mill Santa's Nightcap 4.54/13/2009Rate 2.852
Green Mill Shorthand Stout 4.51/22/2016Rate 2.912
Green Mill Smokey Joe 4.41/7/2015Rate 2.811
Green Mill Special Mild 5.04/14/2010Rate 2.863
Green Mill Stellar 4.08/20/2012Rate 2.864
Green Mill Summit 4.911/27/2014Rate 2.81
Green Mill Talisman 4.210/22/2013Rate 2.792
Green Mill Twilight 4.512/21/2008Rate 2.921
Green Mill Wheat Beer 4.35/20/2010Rate 2.791

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