The Brewerie at Union Station

Brew Pub
123 W 14th St, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA 16501
Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri 11am-1am
Sat 12n-2am

Associated place: The Brewerie at Union Station

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Brewerie "2" Bourbon-Oak Belgian Ale 9.110/31/2008Rate 3.111
Brewerie Against the Grain Wheat IPA 5.86/2/2014Rate 2.773
Brewerie Apparition Amber Ale 8.06/20/2009Rate 2.842714
Brewerie Apple Pie -4/24/2011Rate 2.863
Brewerie Banana Nut Brown 5.52/25/2012Rate 2.731
Brewerie Barrel Aged Hawt Roxx -11/14/2016Rate 2.831
Brewerie Big Al's Tilted Kilt -4/15/2013Rate 2.691
Brewerie Big Easy Belgian 6.92/25/2012Rate 2.813
Brewerie Brewgrass 5.48/13/2012Rate 2.881
Brewerie Dark Shroud 9.84/28/2017Rate 3.131
Brewerie Dew Wit 5.59/16/2012Rate 2.731
Brewerie Earth Brown -8/8/2010Rate 2.862
Brewerie Fallout Stout -4/15/2013Rate 2.71
Brewerie Fuzzy Monk Peach Belgian Single -4/28/2017Rate 2.891
Brewerie Ginos 3 Berry Wheat -8/8/2010Rate 2.811
Brewerie Girl Stout Cookie -5/20/2013Rate 2.981
Brewerie Gourd Lord 8.04/28/2017Rate 31
Brewerie Grand Cru -8/8/2010Rate 2.92
Brewerie Happy Ending 1012/27/2012Rate 2.941
Brewerie Heart On Chocolate Cherry Stout -4/28/2017Rate 3.041
Brewerie Hopness Monster IPA 5.96/20/2009Rate 2.98915
Brewerie J-Koehler Vienna Lager -5/10/2015Rate 31
Brewerie Kiwheat 4.88/4/2011Rate 2.71
Brewerie Lakenys IPA -8/8/2010Rate 2.861
Brewerie Mai Honey Bock 8.06/2/2014Rate 2.733
Brewerie Major McNairs Nut Brown Ale 5.66/20/2009Rate 2.993315
Brewerie Mojo's Rocket Red -4/15/2013Rate 2.741
Brewerie Monkey's Dunkel 6.04/24/2015Rate 3.021
Brewerie MPK (Mango, Papaya, Kiwi) 5.06/2/2014Rate 2.843
Brewerie Oktoberfest 5.79/16/2012Rate 2.862
Brewerie Peanut Butter Cup -4/24/2011Rate 3.13
Brewerie Poltergeist IPA 5.611/14/2016Rate 2.972
Brewerie Pumpkin Pie -10/14/2015Rate 2.891
Brewerie Railway Hefe Weizen 4.86/20/2009Rate 2.772115
Brewerie Schitzngiggle Kolsch Bier -10/31/2008Rate 2.661
Brewerie Sgt. Peppers Peppercorn Ale -5/31/2009Rate 2.962
Brewerie Shitter's Full (Christmas Ale) -12/2/2013Rate 3.022
Brewerie Silk Bomb -10/14/2015Rate 3.123
Brewerie Strawberry Ale -6/20/2009Rate 2.641
Brewerie Tripping Billy Double Bock 7.22/25/2012Rate 2.82
Brewerie Uncle Jacksons Blonde Ale 5.86/20/2009Rate 2.681612
Brewerie Vanilla Coffee Porter 6.011/14/2016Rate 2.961
Brewerie Watermelon Wit 4.69/16/2012Rate 2.621
Brewerie Weizenbock -8/23/2012Rate 2.861
Brewerie Winter White -5/10/2015Rate 3.091

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