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Paradox Beer Candid Kaiser - American Style Pale Ale

Brewer: Paradox Beer Company
Style: American Strong Ale
Alcohol Content: 8%
Seasonal: No

What do you do with such a Wayward beer? We know, you’re probably thinking its’ behavior is our own fault. You’re probably right! Our self-control ran dangerously low as we took a perfectly respectable, traditional All-American Pale Ale and adultered it with New Zealand hops of all things! The blackberry, grapefruit and watermelon candy notes of these hops made this beer incorrigible... Nothing confinement in American Oak barrels couldn’t fix! For a while, it was unclear who might win. In the end, American Oak will bend but will not break. The mellow vanilla notes, persistent oak tannins and the medium toast of the barrels encouraged the crazy hops to meld with the All-American Pale Ale for a beer only borne from staunch independents bound together by their Wayward spirits.

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