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Sonny's Red Ale

Brewer: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Style: Amber Ale
Alcohol Content: N/A
Seasonal: No

It was a scorcher of a day down at Sonny’s farm – the kind where you can fry an egg on a rock. Of course, Sonny was up with the crow of the rooster, ‘cause he had more important things to cook than eggs. Like his delicious slow-cooked Bar- B-Q. Now anybody who knows anything about cookin’ mouth waterin’ Bar-B-Q realizes you have a lot of time on your hands to do some quality thinkin’. And having cooked Bar-B-Q for more than 40 years, Sonny has probably done more thinkin’ than most folks. Maybe it was the heat on this one day in particular that led Sonny to his epiphany. He realized he needed a special icy cold beverage to complement his beloved Bar-B-Q. Something that was rich in flavor and nourishes the soul. He needed an extra special icy cold beer. Now funny thing is, like cookin’ Bar-B-Q, brewin’ great beer takes time, too. So while Sonny was cookin’ he also began experimentin’ with a new brew that he thought would be perfect for his Bar-B-Q. Next thing you know, Sonny was ready to share his latest creation. It’s an American Ale with a robust taste that’s fullbodied and just perfect with Bar-B-Q and available exclusively to Sonny’s guests. The followin’ mornin’, Sonny was back at the pit cookin’ and thinkin’. This new beer was going to need a name, one that was befittin’ of the care and devotion that went into its creation. He thought about what a nice gesture it would be to name it after his wife Lucille, but “Lucille Ale” didn’t have quite the ring he was looking for. Just about that time, Sonny’s faithful dog Red wandered up. Once again Sonny had an epiphany. He’d name it “Sonny’s Red Ale.” Because although Lucille is the love of his life, a man’s best friend is still his dog. Here’s to Red.

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