Beer Release: East Side Cool Party StrawBatchy RhuBOB


The East Side Cool Party returns and we're pretty excited to share our collaboration brew with you: StrawBatchy RhuBOB, a Sour Strawberry & Rhubarb Smoothie.
East Side Cool Party is a celebration including 10 different breweries around East Austin, benefitting @casamarianella.

We met up with our pals at Batch Brewery ( to talk beer and ESCP collab ideas. The end product is each brewery making a unique brew using strawberry and rhubarb.

Our version is a Sour Strawberry & Rhubarb Smoothie.
Belma hops lend a hand to the ambrosial blend of strawberry and rhubarb with the addition of soft vanilla flavor and subtle tartness.
Try each brewery's beer side-by-side for the ultimate tastebud twirl!

This tasting room exclusive will be available for on-site sips and 16oz. cans to-go. We'll also have a limited amount of ESCP commemorative glassware available!
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Elsie Chamberland
[email protected]


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