Clipper City Beer & Bacon Fest


15+ Bacons, 10+ Beers, 10+ Restaurants, Live Music From Dirty Secret and More!

Tickets are only $40 and include ALL-YOU CARE TO TASTE beer and fabulous bacon.

Just a sampling of what you can expect……

*Bottomless samples of Heavy Seas favorites and some special new brews made up for the occasion.

*great dishes including......BLT’s, Piggy Candy, Bacon Wrapped Scallops and so much more!

*15+ Different Bacons From All Over The World.

*Special "Treasure" For Anyone Who Dresses as a Pirate - since it is National Talk Like A Pirate Day.

*Pirates on roller skates. Yep - that’s what we said - roller skating pirates

Be sure to come dressed like a pirate and enter our costume contest. Anyone dressed as a pirate gets special ’treasure’!

Cost: 40.00


[email protected]
410 247-7822


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