Steamworks now bottling

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beers 676 º places 10 º 16:10 Thu 9/6/2012

I have already seen the Pilsner, Pale ale, Frambozen, and the Wheat ale at central city and Brewery creek. I think the bottles are pretty neat looking. Hopefully get some more good stuff from them in the future.

beers 17274 º places 816 º 22:52 Thu 9/6/2012

Where are they brewing that gives them the capacity for this?

beers 3977 º places 150 º 08:58 Fri 9/7/2012

I hope its better than most of the stuff they have been brewing for years, it was all pretty boring and average.

beers 151 º places 10 º 10:31 Sun 9/9/2012

this article mentions: "The company struck a bottling arrangement with another brewer."